Which E-Commerce Startups are Shaping Saudi Arabia’s Digital Landscape in 2023?

Saudi Arabia’s tech scene is pulsating with innovative startups that are shaping the future of the region’s E-Commerce market. This rapidly changing landscape is being led by a new breed of entrepreneurial minds, who are disrupting traditional market practices and paving the way for a more digital future. Let’s profile some of the most exciting E-Commerce companies making waves in the kingdom.

These companies offer a gamut of services – from leveraging technology for personal styling and delivering goods to providing unique platforms for selling preloved luxury items and establishing online marketplaces. While the scale of their operations may vary, these enterprises are linked by a common thread – they are all making significant strides in the E-Commerce sector, contributing substantially to its growth and maturity.

As you read on, you’ll become acquainted with these path-breaking startups – their business models, how they are revolutionizing their respective markets, and the value that they are adding to the Saudi E-Commerce sector.


Taffi brings personal styling and shopping services right to your doorstep. This E-Commerce company offers customized solutions to cater to your unique fashion needs and preferences.


Established with an eye on efficient logistics, Torod offers an API that consolidates return tracking and management, providing a seamless solution to E-store owners.


UVA is a people-centric e-Hailing based taxi service specifically designed to provide top-notch riding experiences.

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A one-stop-shop for all your childcare needs, Jaleesa is a marketplace which connects parents with trained and certified babysitters in their local area.


Shgardi bridges the gap between consumers and their favorite things by offering personalized discovery and affordable on-demand delivery.


For the lovers of luxury, AMUSED Co is a haven. This company prides itself on being Saudi Arabia’s first and biggest community for preloved luxury items.


The Aksbha.com online marketplace links consumers with a slew of vendors selling a range of goods, from clothing to electronics and daily essentials.


Combining creativity with commerce, PrintHub offers a smart designing tool and an online marketplace for custom packaging needs.


Coffinado connects coffee aficionados with high-quality coffee beans, sourced directly from its self-owned roasters.

Mekyal Financial Technologies

At the intersection of finances and technology, Mekyal Financial Technologies offer specialized services in healthcare, AI, e-commerce, education, and logistics.


Designed as an online store builder, Anyaa provides a straightforward solution to small businesses looking to have an online representation.


Daeem Delivery makes lives easier with its home delivery and consumer services for the food and retail sectors.


Shopping for accessories and cosmetics becomes a breeze with Aynma. This E-Commerce site offers a variety of beauty products.


Rashof is an online platform providing quality European honey directly to customers


Last on the list, but certainly not the least, Postage caters to delivery needs for various goods, from fashion to literature, offering ease and comfort to the end consumer.

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