Who Are Australia’s Top Innovators in Analytics Startups This Year?

As the global economy becomes increasingly digital, data analysis is rapidly growing in importance. Start-ups in this field are contributing significantly to this trend, seeking to offer new and innovative ways to help businesses make smarter decisions and predict future trends. This is particularly true in Australia, home to several interesting and dynamic analytics companies blazing the trail in the analytics industry. This article presents a detailed breakdown of some Australian analytic startups that are making a difference in today’s digital landscape.

These noteworthy companies cover a wide range of focus areas, from healthcare and veterinary services to marketing and financial compliance. They allow businesses not only to harness insights from complex data sets, but also enhance strategic decision-making and operational efficiency. This blend of innovation and practical applicability is what makes the Australian analytics scene truly fascinating; it’s a field rich with talent, creativity, and market potential.

We believe these startups represent some of the best Australia has to offer in the analytics industry. By providing a snapshot of these remarkable companies, we hope to offer a glance into the future of data analytics and how Australian startups are shaping it.

Honeysuckle Health

Healthcare meets data science at Honeysuckle Health. This startup provides robust healthcare services complemented by cutting-edge data and analytics solutions. At the heart of its operations is the aim to improve health outcomes.

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Fleetyr is set on making data-driven decision making easier for businesses. Their platform consolidates data from various sources and purges it of errors, thus providing a single, reliable source for insights.


In the world of software development, tapestry stands out with its range of products designed to transform complex data into revenue-generating insights.


Offering an intriguing blend of animal healthcare and data analytics, VetChip is a health monitor that utilises data to promote healthier, longer lives for animals.

Pocket Insights

Pocket Insights simplifies the process of gathering marketing insights by collating data from all major business platforms into a simple weekly or monthly email, enabling businesses to maintain their competitive edge.


If enhancing customer experiences is your goal, X-Functions is your solution. This startup uses analytics to help businesses hone in on customer needs in real-time.


Amperfii’s data enablement platform supports businesses in achieving better outcomes by fully leveraging their data assets.


RAMMP’s patented formula helps businesses cultivate brand loyalty and improve conversion rates, providing a unique value proposition in today’s competitive marketplace.


Bimbeats specialises in capturing real-time data from Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) solutions, presenting businesses with ready access to actionable insights.

LightHouse Data

As a SaaS platform, LightHouse Data offers innovative data analysis and business intelligence services that help companies grow their businesses in a sustainable and informed way.


Neo-Analytics provides businesses with the ability to automate regulatory credit compliance, predict risk, and model financial data, thereby facilitating more efficient business operations.


RAPID BI offers comprehensive services for analytics solutions, including licensing, implementation, and support, utilising the robust Sisense platform.

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Specialising in the Salesforce ecosystem, Lightfold offers expert analytics consultancy services to help businesses make the most of their data.

Cost Center

Cost Center provides game studios with a dynamic analytics platform that enables them to effectively scale their User Acquisition (UA) campaigns.


DigitXL merges digital analytics with marketing intelligence, offering digital solutions and strategies that optimise business effectiveness in the digital landscape.

In conclusion, the Australian analytics industry showcases impressive diversity and depth. Through innovation and ingenuity, these startups are offering businesses better ways to harness the power of data and drive performance. As we continue to see rapid advancements in this sector, the future potential for growth and disruption in the analytics industry is truly remarkable.

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