Which French FinTech Startups are Shaping Global Financial Landscape in 2023?

The FinTech sector in France is causing quite a stir, with a rising number of innovative startups adding value through novel solutions. Each startup presents unique and compelling ideas, pushing the envelope in the industry, and setting the pace in this modern business realm. This article showcases 15 innovative FinTechs startups causing waves in the French startup ecosystem. From crypto investing to financial tracking, these startups are redefining boundaries.

Whether you’re an investor scouting for lucrative opportunities or an enthusiastic tech-lover keen on keeping tabs on advancements in the FinTech sphere – this article provides a concise overview of each startup and their distinct industry contributions. Covering a myriad of finance-related interests, this showcase represents the diverse FinTech landscape in France.

So let’s delve into these interesting French FinTech disruptors that are paving the way for technical, societal, and financial progress in the sector.


CryptoSimple brings simplicity to the often complex world of crypto investing. Their model is built on making digital currency investing easy, accessible and understanding for everyone. If you’re looking to make sense of the crypto industry, CryptoSimple could be your ideal starting point.


Unlimitd provides a sustainable alternative to traditional financing tactics with its Revenue based Financing platform. For businesses looking to finance their ventures without jeopardizing their ownership, this could be an ideal solution.


TradeIn operates as a SAAS developer of a collaborative platform for customer risk management in insurance. Their innovative approach offers streamlined risk management and a strong foundation of trust for customers.

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Lord Token

Lord Token operates as a premium crypto-assets exchange platform. If you’re venturing into the bracing world of cryptocurrency, Lord Token provides a seamless and secure platform for transactions.


carbonABLE‘s unique value proposition lies in allowing you to invest in decarbonation through their Green DeFi Launchpad. In this way, it makes investing not just a financial act, but also a carbon-conscious one.


Fridaa offers a mobile application that allows users to obtain their real estate loan in a completely digital and autonomous fashion, effectively bringing convenience and speed to property financing.


Fydem offers a solution to automatically evaluate the creditworthiness of individuals and originate loans instantly. This rapid and efficient method greatly reduces the time and complications that traditionally accompany the loan process.


Maytana consolidates all business bank accounts, offering financial tracking and analytics on a digital platform. This consolidation of financial resources is an indispensable tool for business financial management in the digital age.

Snowball Analytics

Snowball Analytics offers an investment tracking app, providing valuable insights and analytics for investors to better manage their investments.


payper is a B2B payment platform supporting complex transactions. This streamlined solution simplifies B2B transactions, significantly reducing friction for businesses as they operate and scale.


Piggit presents a finance app that rounds-up debtholders’ expenses and automatises extra-debt repayments, completely changing the debt repayment process and making it effortlessly easy and convenient.


DoorFeed is an alternative asset manager that leverages proprietary technology to power real estate investments with scale and precision. This startup brings innovation and scale to real estate investments.

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Sharesub offers an innovative way for friends to share the cost of subscriptions and other monthly expenses. Their solution addresses the logistical frustration of splitting costs while promoting collaborative consumption.


Fidly offers a robust loyalty program powered by its SAAS solution and blockchain technology. Companies can utilize Fidly’s tools to drive high consumer engagement and value.


Juakali.io operates as a technology provider enabling Financial Inclusion. They serve as an opportunity for businesses to broaden their reach and impact in an age driven by digital innovation.

Keeping up with the evolving world of FinTech is fascinating, especially considering the captivating advancements in France’s tech industry. These startups have inspired us with their innovations and promise to continue reinventing the FinTech landscape. It’s exciting to watch what these French startups will bring into the scene next!

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