Which French Information Services Startups are Shaping the Industry in 2023?

As the world becomes more connected, the need for information services continues to rise. Especially in a leading tech hub like France, numerous startups are developing innovative solutions to meet this demand. In this article, we will explore some of the most promising information services startups based in France, from platforms bridging Earth and space technology, to those battling fraud, to those enhancing remote work experiences.

Each of these startups, with diverse focuses and offerings, bring unique solutions to market needs. Let’s delve into what makes them stand out in this fast-paced, digital landscape. It’s important to note that while these companies largely operate in France, their influence often extends well beyond the country’s borders into the global tech sphere.

Startups in the information services sector are continually counting on their innovative ideas, technologies, and business models to disrupt traditional markets. Below is an exciting mix of established companies and newer entrants that are worth the attention of anyone interested in information services.


E-Space is an ambitious startup literally aiming to bridge Earth and space. Based in France, this information services venture is crafting innovative solutions that leverage both terrestrial and cosmic resources.


Starzdata is a collaborative platform which enables users to search, evaluate, and access any kind of information sources, allowing an integrated approach to information access and evaluation.


Ekkiden operates as a European consulting group that supports the rollout of organisational and technological transformation projects. The company is currently working at the intersection of strategy, technology, and design to create genuine value for their clients.

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Hashtag is a unique solution for content creators, providing unique identifiers for web content. It’s a new approach to navigating digital content at scale, leaving a footprint that is both unique and identifiable.


Specializing in offering IT services, Younup develops both mobile and web applications and provides industrial and embedded solutions as part of their offerings.


Working on a vision of spotlighting quality journalism across the web in real-time and at scale, Deepnews.ai is enabling users to access the most credible and insightful news and articles as they become available.


Providing IT consulting, services, and maintenance solutions, iMSA is a key player in the information services industry in France.


Geared towards simplifying public transportation, Synchro is a web portal that provides valuable information like travel maps, schedules, traffic information, and school transportation facilities and services.


TrueIDM offers valuable insights into various aspects of business operations, helping organizations stay well-informed and make data-driven decisions.


Tale.fm is a France-based startup that caters to the growing need for digital audio content, serving as a primary platform for Social Media Audio.

West IT Solutions

Ensuring safe and efficient IT operations, West IT Solutions delivers IT security, server, and network administration services in France.


Ferries is a disruptor in the real estate sector. They have developed a digital platform that makes processes in the real estate sector more manageable and efficient.


Understanding the increasing need for remote working, STROLLyN is an online platform that facilitates work-from-home experiences by connecting remote workers with each other.


Feachy offers an effective solution for fraud. They have developed unique algorithms and tools that help businesses detect and prevent fraudulent activities.

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I was leaving

I was leaving provides human resources, administrative and financial, and information system services. The company is well known in France’s information services industry for its comprehensive offerings.

In conclusion, each of these startups showcases the diverse range of Information Services available in France. These companies are pushing the boundaries of innovation in their fields, conceptualizing and developing exciting new products and services to meet the dynamic needs of their clients. Keep an eye on these startups as they continue to innovate and evolve in their mission to disrupt and lead in their industries.

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