Which French Internet Startups Are Influencing Global Online Business Trends?

The French tech scene has been growing dynamically in recent years, with many innovative startups springing up. Internet-related companies are launching unique and revolutionary services, enhancing various sectors, such as e-commerce, communication, education, and health. The widespread creativity and inventiveness make the French startup ecosystem one of the most vibrant and promising worldwide. Here we will explore some of the most interesting new players contributing to this thriving scene.


Getinside is a French internet company that offers efficient retail services for e-merchants. Positioned in the booming e-commerce industry, Getinside stands out by providing unique and high-quality solutions for online retailers, helping them to navigate the complex e-commerce landscape more effectively and grow their businesses.


Origame has broken new ground with a unique internet service based on subscription. This French company has come up with an innovative concept that is redefining the relationship between services and their consumers.


Holivia offers a singular, confidential, and personalized service for employees through their internet platform. The mission is to improve the employee experience and make it more efficient and enjoyable.


The French company SapioX serves the educational sector by connecting teachers and students through their dedicated platform. Making education more accessible and engaging, SapioX is contributing to the digital transformation of the learning process.


desk.community has launched a unique virtual assistant specifically designed for remote workers. With the rise of remote work, this initiative proves that the French startup scene can quickly adapt to new trends and needs.

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Longevity Hub

Longevity Hub is a French Startup using cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Behavioral Science to promote healthy behaviours and lifestyles. Their innovative approach has the potential to revolutionize the health tech sector.

Atlendis Labs

Atlendis Labs is an online platform providing capital-efficient DeFi lending protocols that facilitate uncollateralized crypto loans.


KeeperDAO offers an on-chain liquidity underwriting solution for DeFi. This makes it easier for users to engage in decentralized finance operations.

Green Place

Green Place is a French Internet startup with a mission of green initiatives. Although it does not have a website yet, this web app is already making waves in the tech space.


Hume is another creative startup that has already gained recognition within the tech industry.


Airsaas is a software company thriving in the competitive internet sector in France.


Callbell offers an innovative solution for customer communication via direct messaging apps, facilitating more responsive and efficient customer support operations.


Linksider provides a collaborative growth platform aimed at fostering B2B growth. Linksider effectively connects startups and sales mentors, helping to drive effective growth strategies.


Uniseed is a SaaS discovery and management platform, helping SMEs to identify and implement the most efficient SaaS alternatives. Their services have made it much easier for smaller companies to benefit from the advantages of Software as a Service.

Moonshot Labs

Moonshot Labs runs a digital innovation center co-incubating ideas to build visionary products. They help entrepreneurs turn their most ambitious projects into reality by providing the necessary resources, guidance, and support.

The vast and dynamic internet startup scene of France holds great promise, with the potential for global reach and significant economic impact. These companies not only illustrate the vast range of innovation coming from France but also point to a bright and lively future for the French startup ecosystem.

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