Which French Machine Learning Startups Lead Industry Revolution in 2023?

Welcome to StartupBubble.news, the go-to magazine for tech enthusiasts interested in the exciting world of startups. In this edition, we delve into the dynamic landscape of Machine Learning (ML), focusing on French startups that are pushing the boundaries of technology and innovating in unprecedented ways. With artificial intelligence (AI) in the ascendancy, these startups are leveraging machine learning’s predictive powers to reshape diverse industries, from health technology to agriculture and financial services.

France, renowned for its prowess in technology and innovation, is home to numerous ML startups that deserve attention. These boldly visionary companies are tackling complex problems with solutions hinged on ML technology. Through their work, they demonstrate ML’s transformative potential across various sectors.

We’re going to spotlight 15 of these fascinating French startups, diving into what they do, how they’re harnessing the power of machine learning, and why they’re noteworthy. All information and website links provided below will aid in exploring these fantastic pioneers in more detail.

AI Verse

AI Verse, accessible at www.ai-verse.com, has revolutionized the Computer Vision industry with its self-service image factory. This innovative solution uses high-quality labelled synthetic datasets to train Computer Vision applications, bringing immense value to researchers and practitioners in the field.


Videtics, whose website is videtics.com, provides artificial intelligence solutions for video analytics. The company harnesses machine learning technology to transform raw video data into actionable insights, thereby empowering decision-makers with invaluable intelligence.

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ThinkDeep AI

ThinkDeep AI, found at www.thinkdeep.ai, stands at the forefront of creating explainable AI for critical systems. The company’s product, Deepflow, is an impressive example of Lean AI developed for Quality Control.


UniFox, on unifox.ai, provides an advanced investment solution aimed at maximizing clients’ returns while promoting eco-conscious practices through its Web3 ecosystem.


Diagnoly is another excellent example of the innovative application of machine learning. Its website, diagnoly.com, offers an in-depth look at their AI-powered medical hardware device. The purpose? Prenatal detection of fetal abnormalities in real-time, a potentially lifesaving innovation.

NLP Cloud

NLP Cloud accessible at nlpcloud.io, provides spaCy and Hugging Face transformer-based models for complex natural language processing tasks. The company’s work promises wide-ranging applications in numerous industries.


QuantsUnited, found at quantsunited.com, is on a mission to democratize alternative data with AI. By doing this, the company aims to break down barriers to data access and promote equity.


At Seabex, the focus is agricultural innovation, democratising precision agriculture. Visit their website at seabex.com to learn how they’re leveraging AI technologies to develop cutting-edge farming solutions.

Illumo Robotics

Illumo Robotics, whose website is illumorobotics.com, develops autonomous mobile manipulation robots aimed at boosting productivity and accuracy in warehouses. The company brings together AI, robotics and machine learning to achieve this goal.

Acintya Global Holdings

Acintya Global Holdings, located at acintyaholdings.com/index.html, is an IT consulting firm offering expertise in blockchain development, cloud computing and machine learning services.


FinCrimes.ai, accessible via fincrimes.ai, is an AI-based solution that fights against financial crimes. By using advanced machine learning technology, the company offers a robust weapon in the battle against financial fraud.

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Similarly, DeepFrauds.ai, found at www.deepfrauds.ai, uses machine learning technologies in their innovative fraud prevention intelligence system.


Llaama, accessible at www.llaama.com, is a software company that builds cloud-native and reactive SaaS platforms, using machine learning to enhance the user experience and maximize efficiency.


BitCoinAML is a machine learning-powered platform for crypto-assets crime forensics & investigation. You can check out their groundbreaking work at bitcoinaml.io.


Last but not least, Ikomia found at ikomia.com, is passionately pushing boundaries in the fields of open-source software, computer vision, deep learning, image processing, and AI.

That’s the rundown of our featured French machine learning startups. Each is playing a role in transforming the industries they operate in while contributing significantly to advancements in machine learning technology. Their diverse applications of ML illustrate the technology’s versatility and power. Join us next time as we unearth more exciting startups!

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