Which German Analytics Startups Are Pivotal in Shaping Industry Trends?

Germany is becoming a leading player in the global analytics market with a wave of innovative startups making their mark. These startups are harnessing the power of big data, machine learning, AI, and advanced algorithms to create ground-breaking solutions for various sectors. In this article, we dive into fifteen exciting German analytics startups making waves across multiple industries.

Each of these startups showcases how the power of data is revolutionizing the business landscape. The solutions and platforms they offer encompass everything from location analytics and precision farming to LinkedIn analytics and media optimization. These are startups that can truly change how we approach data and its potential effects on different industries.

So without further ado, here are the true front-runners of Germany’s analytics space, one exciting startup at a time.


WHAT A LOCATION is an innovative location analytic platform that uses anonymous signaling data from the mobile communication network. This technology could be the future of targeted marketing, location-based advertising, and demographic-specific offerings.

GeoPard Agriculture

A trailblazer in precision farming is GeoPard Agriculture. The company uses multi-year field variability and accurate variable rate application maps to simplify the complexity of precision farming. It’s hard to overstate the potential impact this could have on improving agricultural productivity and sustainability.


Sled makes data cataloging a breeze by enabling the extraction of metadata and usage data that existing solutions cannot access. This is a game-changer in data management and analytics.

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Yook is a platform that calculates the CO2 data of products using an automated life cycle assessment. This could revolutionize eco-conscious product development and consumer choices.


PARSER has developed a smart monitoring and control center for cross-platform social media data, valuable tool for social media marketers and brand managers.


LinkedIn analytics is the focus of Inlytics, a company that also offers a content scheduling tool. This startup is doing wonders in optimizing professional networking and business growth on LinkedIn.


With a mission to help hotels make better decisions easily, happyhotel combines hospitality and data analytics into a single, potent package.


Braidr is a data technology company offering comprehensive data strategy, architecture, and data science solutions. This company is essential for businesses aiming to make the most of their data.


VAMOS.ai specializes in video analytics and media optimization services. As video content continues to boom, this startup is perfectly positioned to help businesses capitalize on the trend.


elbwalker promotes open-source analytics infrastructure, offering accessibility and transparency in the realm of analytics.


deeeper.technology focuses on geospatial intelligence, offering large-scale and automated segmentation of remote sensing imagery. This holds immense potential for satellite technology, remote sensing, and related markets.


Patena specializes in IP research, monitoring, and analysis, providing groundbreaking tools for innovators.

Planet Zero Green Enterprises

Although without a website, Planet Zero Green Enterprises, a technology incubator, focusses on data intelligence and AI, developing solutions to help startups grow.


Cordian offers a versatile range of services including Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics SaaS, and Software Solutions, reinforcing its value to businesses of all sizes and sectors.

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Completing our list is azimu, a company that aspires to boost Product Development progress and quality through a single, unified platform.

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