Who are Germany’s Most Influential Aerospace Startups Shaping the Industry?

In the burgeoning era of space travel and exploration, Germany is home to several innovative aerospace startups, combining technology and ingenuity to boldly push the boundaries of what is possible. From modular spaceships to autopilot cargo drones, we examine 15 of the most game-changing companies that are making their mark in this expansive and rapidly evolving industry.

These startups are not only transforming the aerospace industry, but are also contributing to our understanding and interaction with space. Let’s embark on a journey of discovery together to understand what these German aerospace startups are made of and what they’re aiming to achieve.

Whether you’re an investor seeking the next best opportunity in aerospace or just interested in the future of space exploration, read on for an exciting dive into the future that is already becoming a reality.

The Exploration Company

The Exploration Company (Link) is pioneering the design and operation of modular, reusable spaceships, aiming to effectively service the needs of space stations. Based in Germany, they’re carving out a niche in the aerospace industry with their innovative approaches to spacecraft development and manufacturing.


Constellr aims not only at space exploration but also contributes to solving global challenges like food security. Their work in the aerospace industry supports sustainable practices for a growing global population.

Reflex Aerospace

Offering tailor-made solutions for satellite platforms, Reflex Aerospace builds and delivers customer-specific satellite infrastructure, paving the way for innovative uses of satellite technology.

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Beagle Systems

Proffering Drone-As-A-Service for pipeline and powerline inspections, Beagle Systems incorporates aerospace technology into industrial applications, improving safety and efficiency for vital infrastructure.

Vsquared Ventures

Dedicated to embracing technology to advance society, Vsquared Ventures is leveraging aerospace advancements to build a better future.


Reimagining the concept of a co-pilot, AeroSys is developing the world’s first certified digital co-pilot, “Goose”. This pioneering approach has the potential to change the face of aviation as we know it.

Vyoma GmbH

Combining real-time space debris observations with artificial intelligence for secure satellite operations, Vyoma is helping to increase confidence in space-related activities and ensuring safer skyward operations.

Airial Robotics

A tech-oriented aviation company, Airial Robotics fluidly combines aviation and technology to shape the present while exploring future potentials.


Working at the intersection of aerospace and supply chain, aioneers offers specialized consultancy and professional services, facilitating efficiency and connectivity in the aerospace industry.


Specializing in cabin design, data processing, and digital solutions for modern aircraft, AERQ is a component manufacturer pushing the boundaries of passenger experience and aircraft functionality.


This company, Droniq, is paving the way for unmanned aviation with a digital platform that assists in the navigation, coordination, and operation of drone-based systems.

Celestial Space Technologies

Deep space communication is the expertise of Celestial Space Technologies, as they stretch the limits of what we can achieve in the furthest reaches of space.

Siren Aerospace

Striving for sustainable urban air mobility, Siren Aerospace is working on creating innovative modular eVTOL aircrafts that could revolutionize city travel.

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Vira Drones

Leading the way in automated logistics, Vira Drones develops autopilot cargo drones for efficient, safe deliveries.


Cesonia bridges the gap between aerospace and data management with a cooperation platform that caters to consistent, supply chain-wide requirements management.

Through their innovative approaches, these German aerospace startups are shaping the future of aerospace in Germany and beyond. From unmanned aviation systems, modular spaceships to sustainable air mobility solutions, they embody technological advancement and display immense potential in propelling humanity further into the space age.

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