Which German Property Management Startups Dominated the Industry in 2023?

As the Property Management industry continues to pivot towards digital platforms, several Germany-based startups are paving the way with innovative solutions. These companies not only provide modern features for management firms, they also offer potential buyers and investors tech-forward ways to explore real-estate related opportunities. From hybrid appraisers to cloud-based workspaces, these startups are redefining the future of property management. In this article, we highlight fifteen such startups that are pushing the industry’s boundaries.

In recent years, the German real estate market has seen rapid growth, creating a significant need for efficient property management solutions. Startups are meeting this demand by leveraging technology in using artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, and ESG principles. Here you will find a comprehensive guide to some of the most innovative property management startups in Germany.

Each company discussed below brings unique value to both vendors and consumers. They offer solutions to common issues faced in property management, including valuation, networking, co-ownership, and booking. Let’s dive in to learn more about these standout German startups in property management.


einwert is a hybrid appraiser changing the field of real estate valuation by implementing ESG-compliant value experiences. Their innovative solutions are eco-friendly and compliant with environmental, social, and governance standards.


coapp is a first-of-its-kind platform as a Service for community businesses. This local approach allows users to manage their development applications and plan their sites accordingly.

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Seatti enables global enterprises to adopt a hybrid model. It caters to a wide range of enterprise portfolios, enhancing operational capabilities with efficiency and connectivity.

Future Energy Ventures

Future Energy Ventures is a venture capital and collaboration platform fostering partnerships between corporate partners and startups. Their focus lies in innovating the future of property management through strategic investments.

Erste Hausverwaltung GmbH

Erste Hausverwaltung offers comprehensive digital property management solutions. Their local contacts combined with digital processes provide a unique blend of personal and tech-driven services.


VillaCircle is a proptech company that enables co-ownership of holiday properties. This unique business model could redefine how individuals invest in vacation real estate.


Scoperty is a digital marketplace for real estate. The platform provides sellers and buyers with a comprehensive, convenient, and straightforward solution for property transactions.


Counter is a cloud-based all-in-one workspace created specifically for hostels. This innovative space provides a much-needed digital solution for hostel management.

Sonar Real Estate

Sonar Real Estate offers a comprehensive suite of real estate services, including investment, asset management, and development. This delivers a one-stop solution for various real estate needs.


keyota is transforming the home entrance experience with its smart lock technology. This innovation allows quick, effortless entrance into homes without the need for traditional keys.


Cureus provides property management and development services in Germany. The company’s main focus is on creating affordable and sustainable housing.


Sauerbirne offers a property management and payment solution that seamlessly integrates both renting and managing properties into a single platform.


Immozy provides property management, rental, and development services for property owners. The company works closely with landlords and tenants to provide seamless property management services.

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LUWIN Real Estate

LUWIN Real Estate offers real estate investment and asset management services. They primarily cater to institutional and semi-institutional investors, offering expert guidance and scalable strategies.


Homevoice specializes in the housing industry, leveraging latest technologies to streamline property management. Their platform brings all aspects of property management together in one easy-to-use dashboard.

With innovation at its core, the German property management industry continues to evolve. These startups are at the forefront of this change, delivering solutions that meet the needs of modern consumers and industry professionals alike.

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