Who are Germany’s Most Influential Publishing Startups Transforming 2023?

In Germany, e-commerce, streaming, and other digital services have been stirring up the media industry. Among these waves of change, some power players stand out from the rest. Particularly the publishing startups, continuously innovating and bending traditional boundaries. These are the 14 most interesting publishing startups and companies currently making waves in Germany.

The world of publishing has been reshaped by these startups, each bringing something new to the table. Here, we turn the spotlight on digital reading, tech advances, marketing expertise, and imaginative approach all contributing to the transformation of publishing.

These startups and companies are reimagining how we view and utilise publishing in a number of different ways. Some offer platforms for social book reading, while others facilitate professional writing or marketing services for publishers. Without further ado, here’s a rundown of these fascinating companies.



READO is an app designed to make discovering your next book easy. It helps readers decide on their next reading adventure through a user-friendly platform which provides a plethora of book options. The app operates within the publishing industry in Germany.



Medieninsider channels into the new era of information, offering a unique service for media professionals. The service predominantly focuses on the economic, content, and cultural development aspects of the industry. Medieninsider operates out of Germany and is a key player in the publishing realm.

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A social platform around books, Literal tracks what you’re reading, allows you to follow friends, join clubs, and most importantly, helps you discover your next favourite book. With its base in Germany, Literal is a standout company in the publishing industry.

Indigo Hub


IndigoHub is a one-stop platform that allows creators and brands in the Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle industries to easily source, sell, and grow their businesses. Based in Germany, IndigoHub is changing the face of publishing by focusing on specific industries.

Users Digital


As an online marketing agency specialising in performance user acquisition, Users Digital owns a cashback site moincoins.com and works out of Germany. The company holds a firm stance within the publishing industry.



An online publication that publishes information about startups, Startbase serves as an informational launchpad for startups. The German-based company aligns with the publishing industry to boost entrepreneurial initiatives.



Typst is a platform designed to help those in the academic realm. It allows users to write research papers and homework in the cloud. With Typst, users can focus on compiling their text while the app takes care of layout and formatting. Based in Germany, it caters to the publishing industry’s academic side.

Quality Media Network


Providing marketing services for publishers, Quality Media Network is a Germany-based company making strides within the publishing industry. Their expertise lies in bridging the gap between marketers and publishers.

my life


My life, a German-based publishing firm, focuses on promoting healthy nutrition, fitness, and body care. With a significant presence in the publishing sector, my life addresses the wellness space in a engaging light.

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Blackfox Media


An innovative film production company based in Germany, Blackfox Media also provides post-production and publication services. They are a fascinating hybrid in the publishing sector, merging the spheres of film and publication.

Orpheus Verlags


Orpheus Verlags, based in Germany, provides magazines in the publishing industry with a unique approach. They are heavily involved in pushing the industry forward with their creative publications.

Cambio Film Works


A German film production company, Cambio Film Works provides production services to companies and adds another layer to the publishing industry.



L42, a German-based company, handles technical and administrative tasks in the manufacturing and production process for publishers. They have carved a unique niche within the publishing industry, by focusing on the process behind the product.



Operating out of Germany, Josephs is an open innovation laboratory. It concentrates on devising innovative processes for startups and medium-sized companies. Josephs falls within the publishing industry and pushes forward thinking ideas to the forefront of the sector.

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