Which German Service Industry Startups Are Pioneering Change in 2023?

The rise of startups in Germany has been meteoric, with many innovative companies emerging in the service industry scene. From providing solutions for carbon capture to delivering specialized business services, these startups are revolutionizing the way businesses operate in a fast-changing economic environment. Here, we delve into 15 of these interesting service industry startups, revealing new paths to business success and productivity.

1. InPlanet

InPlanet is a German company dedicated to scaling up carbon removal from the atmosphere. Recognizing the hazards of climate change, InPlanet works to make carbon capture more accessible and affordable, ensuring a safer environment for future generations.

2. Handly

Offering digital solutions for home service companies, Handly assists businesses in effectively managing their operations. It is an essential tool in the digital age that helps to streamline processes and boost overall efficiency.

3. Bluu Seafood

Bluu Seafood is revolutionizing seafood manufacturing in Germany. With expertise and experience, they are driving excellence in the industry, ensuring consistent quality and value for their clients.

4. Vapo Wesp

Vapo Wesp offers an eco-friendly solution to deter wasps, contributing to insect conservation. Vapo Wesp’s innovative approach balances the need for pest control while recognizing the importance of insect preservation.

5. Bots & People

As a community of automation enthusiasts, Bots & People provides educational services to professionals looking to embrace automation. With training and resources, they are equipping professionals with the skills to stay competitive in the modern business world.

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6. Moovick

Moovick, formerly known as Luggage Pool, is an integrated platform for movers and service providers ensuring seamless operations and communication.

7. RD Consulting

RD Consulting delivers varied services like personal services, automotive services, and consumer goods. The company leverages its wealth of experience and knowledge to offer meticulous solutions to clients.

8. METRO Markets

A leader in B2B commerce, METRO Markets platform cultivates business relationships and partnerships for productive outcomes.

9. Emmora

With a unique space in the market, Emmora provides a range of funeral services, ensuring that clients’ needs are handled with care and professionalism during difficult times.

10. Zandura

Since 2005, Zandura has been offering its services with a clear purpose, creating value for their client base in the service industry.

11. KidsCircle.io

KidsCircle.io provides childcare services via live-stream, delivering convenience and efficiency to parents juggling work and family responsibilities.

12. Tiny Space

Tiny Space introduces a new concept in shared working spaces. Their privacy-on-demand solution offers flexibility and respect for professional needs.

13. PayPense

With a vision to eliminate cash advances, PayPense delivers a solution for businesses to manage all B2B and T&E purchases efficiently.

14. Tesla Low Code

Providing Information Technology and services, Tesla Low Code is a one-stop solution for businesses looking for tech-related assistance.

15. Listando

Listando is an online marketplace connecting professionals with local businesses looking to outsource their project initiatives.

These German service industry startups are leading the way in providing innovative and efficient solutions, meeting the ever-changing needs and demands of businesses. With their entrepreneurial spirit and a strong focus on delivering value, they are redefining the standards in the service industry.

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