Who are Germany’s Leading Robotics Startups Shaping Industry in 2023?

Robotics is revolutionizing every sector of the global economy and Germany is not left out. The steady rise of robotics companies in the region is notable. These startups are disrupting traditional sectors such as kitchen services, agro-tech, and logistics to name a few. In this article, we will be exploring 15 interesting robotics companies in Germany.

When we talk about efficient, technologically driven startups, robotics is inevitably at the forefront. Whether it be tech developments for electric vehicles or kitchen assistant robots, these startups are the ones to watch out for in the coming years. Let’s delve into some of these startups that are making waves in the robotics industry in Germany.

From DaVinci Kitchen’s robotic chefs preparing organic quality dishes to Goodbitz’s intelligent robotic kitchen assistants, these startups are a testament to the progress being made in the field of robotics. Their diverse areas of interest make the sector a rich and dynamic one. Without further ado, let’s dive in.


DeepDrive specializes in developing powertrain technology for electric vehicles. Leveraging on the advanced technology of robotics, they are taking strides to transform the electric vehicle industry in Germany and beyond.


Goodbytz creates intelligent robotic kitchen assistants that give chefs more time and creative freedom. They are using robotics to reshape the culinary world, giving chefs the chance to be more productive and exploratory.

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DaVinci Kitchen

DaVinci Kitchen develops the first robotic chef which can prepare organic quality dishes. Their mission is to bring convenience and quality to kitchens with their cutting-edge technology.

Amathaon Capital

Primarily an AgTech and AgBioTech Venture Capital, Amathaon Capital integrates the use of robotics into their agriculture technology, providing more efficient farming solutions.

Evitado Technologies

Evitado Technologies focuses on automating airport operations by building an automation platform. Their goal is to optimize airport operations using automation and robotics technology.


Theo is a company that integrates seamlessly with the backend of on-demand delivery providers. With the help of their technology, delivery services can be improved and made more efficient.


Navflex transforms material handling vehicles into Intelligent Autonomous Mobile Robots that specialize in loading and unloading applications. Their goal is to increase efficiency and safety in material handling processes.

ensun GmbH

ensun GmbH focuses on technology scouting. Their mission is to discover new technologies in the field of robotics and utilize them for innovative solutions.


AI.Land is committed to the digitization and automation of agriculture. Through robotics, they strive to make farming more efficient and environmentally friendly.


RoBoTec PTC provides autonomous, AI-driven, automated, and sterile production systems for production plants. With the use of robotics, they aim to enhance the productivity and safety of production chains.


MotorSkins designs textile Soft-Robotic actuators for HMI (Human Machine Interface), wearables, and VR. Their focus is on creating seamless interactions between humans and machines using robotic technology.

Future Delivery

Future Delivery uses patented key technology for physical in-flight coupling of drones for multimodal instant delivery logistics. Their mission is to provide swift, reliable and efficient delivery services using drone technology.

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Promethion enables superior autonomous systems and image analytics by creating exceptional synthetic data for A.I. They are committed to improving AI systems through data-driven solutions.


Kopterflug provides smart solutions for safe inspections. Their approach favours the use of advanced robotics for conducting inspections that are safe, efficient, and reliable.


Jungle is an online marketplace for factories to rent robotic solutions that develop standardized & modular solutions. They aim to provide industries with accessible, efficient and flexible robotic solutions.

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