Which Leading Nigerian AgTech Startups are Revolutionizing Agricultural Practices in 2023?

As technology continues to advance and reshape industries globally, the agricultural industry is not being left out, especially in countries like Nigeria. Here, numerous startups are leveraging technology to improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability in agriculture. AgTech companies are creating innovative solutions to tackle challenges in the agricultural sector like post-harvest losses, supply chain disruptions, difficulties in accessing marketplaces, and more. These solutions are crucial for a country like Nigeria, where agriculture plays a vital role in the economy and livelihood of its people. Here are some of the promising AgTech startups shaping agriculture in Nigeria.

Rice Afrika

Rice Afrika is a unique tech-focused platform revolutionizing rice production and distribution in Nigeria. As a platform dedicated solely to the rice value chain, it connects all stakeholders in the sector to create valuable interactions.


Functioning as a marketplace for agriculture in Africa, Isidore is a thriving AgTech startup in Nigeria, where farmers and buyers get connected across the continent.

FarmSpeak Technology

Another interesting startup causing waves in the AgTech space in Nigeria is FarmSpeak Technology. They are known for using IoT technology to modernize sub-Saharan agriculture, tackling some of the region’s most significant agricultural challenges.


Ecotutu is making a name in the Nigerian AgTech industry for its specialized cold storage and delivery services enhancing post-harvest management.

Trado Global Limited

Trado Global Limited operates a digital agriculture platform that links farmers with real farm sponsors for profitable investment opportunities, accelerating growth within the agricultural sector.

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Dedicated to integrating African smallholder farmers into a global supply chain, KODGAV NG is a data-driven AgTech platform creating innovative food systems.

Flourish Cold Chain

Flourish Cold Chain uses technology to offer 24 hours storage and preservation of food, thereby reducing post-harvest losses for rural farmers through value chain creation.


Belle.ng is an online grocery store and food delivery service provider, facilitating ease of access to fresh farm produce for individuals and businesses in Abuja, Nigeria.

Baruch Agroprise

Baruch Agroprise is an AgTech enterprise that offers comprehensive agricultural services – from farm management and commodity trading to consulting services.


Idunu offers a range of procurement tools designed to help food retailers minimize stock-outs and grow their business, optimising business operations in the food retail industry.


ERAN Foods is an on-demand digital commerce platform that delivers fresh meat directly to the consumers’ doorstep – a solution providing convenience for consumers and reducing post-harvest losses.

Pullus Africa

Pullus Africa addresses the supply chain challenges of African poultry farmers, providing solutions that ensure efficiency and profitability in poultry farming.


AGROVAT NIGERIA uses technology for agricultural education, expanding knowledge and promoting best practices in the agricultural sector.


Foodmile is a farmer-focused platform, offering task management and procurement facilities, solving several operational challenges that farmers face.


Last but not least, Farmeble is an AgTech startup that uses technology to help farmers produce more and earn more, towards promoting a sustainable and profitable agricultural sector.

These are just a few of the many AgTech startups in Nigeria making waves in the agricultural sector. As they continue to innovate and grow, agriculture in Nigeria and Africa will undoubtedly benefit from their groundbreaking solutions.

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