Which Madrid AI Startups Are Transforming Spain’s Tech Scene in 2023?

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is fast becoming an AI hub that hosts innovative startups. With an increasing number of tech-savvy, solution-driven startups, Madrid is contributing ambitiously to the AI revolution. Here, we spotlight fifteen fascinating Madrid-based artificial intelligence startups leading the charge.

These startups cut across numerous industries, demonstrating AI’s broad appeal and applicability. Creativity and innovation thrive when technological advancement keeps pace with dynamic startups, consistently pushing boundaries and setting new standards in their fields.

Let’s take an insightful tour of these companies, delve into what they do, how they are reshaping their industries, and why they are gaining prominence in the AI world.


Luca has made admirable strides in the edutech industry. By creating a SaaS K12 Learning Platform, Luca makes education easily accessible and interactive, shaping the future of education systems globally.


Beetest combines AI and gaming. Their system leverages AI to analyze human emotions in real time, correlating them with in-game activities. It’s a fascinating blend of tech and emotional intelligence.

Neuraptic AI

Making its mark in the AI space, Neuraptic AI utilizes artificial intelligence tools to provide unique solutions, improving processes across various sectors.


Inrobics introduces an impressive model that melds rehabilitation with AI and social robots. This combination provides effective, innovative strategies for those undergoing rehabilitation.

Dedomena AI

Offering a variety of data solutions, Dedomena AI provides anonymization tools, synthetic data generation, and data products. Driven by cutting-edge AI, Dedomena continues to redefine the data industry.

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Focusing on AI Emotional Technology, PositivUS creates positive communication. Their technology enhances the way we communicate, creating more meaningful and impactful exchanges.


Tucuvi brings to reality the continuity of care at home through an AI voice-based medical assistant, advancing quality healthcare accessibility.


With an AI platform designed for radically improving engineering and construction projects, Cybrik enhances project outputs and efficiency radically.


End-users can better understand and customize AI through AyGLOO. The platform simplifies AI interpretation and application in different contexts.

Deko Data

Specializing in data analytics, Deko Data uses AI to extract valuable insights from vast data arrays, aiding informed decision making and strategic business planning.


WhiteBox designs innovative Data & Artificial Intelligence systems that revolutionize various business operations and functions.


In a unique blend of AI, big data, and psychology, Psiconnea offers a platform that provides individuals valuable psychological support, tailoring it to each user’s unique needs.

Aira System

Specializing in fraud prevention, Aira System utilizes AI-based digital systems to automate inspection processes and heighten security measures.


Perif.ai innovatively recognizes and appraises car damages through image capture and AI, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in assessing vehicle damages.


Monitoring infrastructures with absolute precision, Detektia combines satellite technology and AI to offer high-resolution monitoring, ensuring the safety and longevity of infrastructure projects.

Each startup brings a unique flavor to the AI landscape, driving technology further and using their creativity to solve real-world problems. Innovation thrives in such an environment, establishing Madrid as a receptive host for AI tech advancement. As these startups continue to grow and innovate, they will undoubtedly contribute significantly to shaping the future of AI.

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