Which are Krung Thep’s Most Influential E-commerce Startups in 2023?

Krung Thep, also known as Bangkok, has been aggressively developing its digital landscape, thus being home to a plethora of promising e-commerce startups. Step into a lively ecosystem of startups that have transformed Thailand’s commerce scene, offering unique services and ideas in this space. This article will provide a spotlight on fifteen noteworthy e-commerce startups from Krung Thep, Thailand.

Thai e-commerce market is characterized by its diversity and competitiveness, with each startup bringing a different perspective and innovation, ranging from online marketplaces to fintech solutions. The startups highlighted in this article provide a glimpse into this dynamic ecosystem.

These startups reflect the innovation and creativity present in Thai e-commerce. From connecting back-end supply chains to offering one-click checkout experiences, these startups have effectively addressed gaps in the Thai market. Here’s a rundown of 15 standout startups:

LINE MAN Wongnai

LINE MAN Wongnai is an e-commerce platform that forges connections between consumers, riders, and businesses for a variety of services. A one-stop hub, LINE MAN Wongnai is an instrumental player in the Thai e-commerce landscape.

Beam One-Click Checkout

Aiming to eliminate friction from online transactions, Beam offers a seamless one-click checkout experience for users conducting social commerce and shopping online across Southeast Asia.


Sasom has crafted an online marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers of branded apparel, democratizing access to fashion in Thailand.


Positioned as a connector for the backbone supply chain of Thailand, Mungmee fosters efficiency and sustainability, promoting growth for stakeholders across the value chain.

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Crypto Tron

Stepping into the realm of cryptocurrencies, Crypto Tron is a unique exchange-and-shop platform serving the digital commerce needs of Thais.

WeedHub Asia

WeedHub Asia has built the largest Cannabis/Weed/CBD platform offering media, shopping, and marketing service in the Asian region.


Showcase is a social selling platform connecting social sellers to an array of brands and suppliers, fostering a thriving landscape of collaborative commerce.


Through its digital wallet and payment platform, virtual money, payment gateway, and e-commerce services, WiPay is delivering fintech solutions to the ever-growing Thai e-commerce market.

Wawa Group

Wawa Group is providing essential infrastructure to businesses pursuing digital transformation across diverse B2B industries.


As Southeast Asia’s equivalent to Farfetch, NATBAY is linking local boutique designers with global fashion aficionados, thus democratizing the world of fashion.


Ensuring pets are not left out of the e-commerce revolution, PetFetch is an online hub offering pet supplies and a range of brand products.


OpenAsia is an innovative matchmaking platform connecting suppliers with distributors, ensuring seamless transactions.


Ensuring a superior retail experience, Shopdit equips merchants and brands with resources to provide customers with an elevated shopping experience.


As an online source for buying and selling new and second-hand electronic products, Swopmart is driving the circular economy in the Thai electronic market.


The online marketplace for watches, Ralunar, is redefining luxury retail by offering an online destination for watch aficionado.

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