Who are the Groundbreaking Software Startups in Comunidad Valenciana 2023?

Comunidad Valenciana, an autonomous region of Spain boasting a thriving hub of innovation and creativity, is home to some of the most intriguing software startups. These young and dynamic companies are not only challenging the norms but also leveraging advanced technologies to offer unique solutions in various sectors. The Spanish province’s favorable climate for startups and culture of entrepreneurship have been instrumental in its steady growth into a technology hub. The following are some of the most compelling startups based in this vibrant region.


iPronics is a trailblazing company that develops innovative concepts of general-purpose integrated programmable photonic systems. It stands at the forefront of advancements in the software industry and is active within the Comunidad Valenciana community.


Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to improve customer experience and support, aunoa is revolutionizing the sector with automation tools. The startup is making a tremendous impact in the region, showcasing the potential of AI in practical applications.


Operating at the intersection of health and technology, Healz uses software to analyze metabolic conditions via glucose monitoring, hormonal science, and diagnostic AI. This startup is contributing to the healthcare revolution in Valenciana.

Club Clínico

Club Clínico is transforming how dental clinics manage their procurement. This firm’s software allows clinics to centralize, optimize, and improve their procurement management, revolutionizing the traditionally manual process.


Ordatic is redefining the food delivery landscape. Their platform connects customers’ online orders with their preferred restaurants, making the food booking process a breeze.

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NEWE is deploying B2B technological and operational solutions to bring various sectors together. They’re at the heart of the circular economy movement in the region.


Bounsel offers businesses an AI-powered platform for contract management. As businesses continue to digitize, companies like Bounsel will continue to grow and revolutionize dated business practices.


Strengthening its place in the tourism industry, ShoreView offers a Digital Nautical Guide with Augmented Reality to enhance the way people view and explore their surroundings.


Syndeno paves the way for startups to design, deploy, manage, and maintain scalable software infrastructure. This PaaS provider is shaping the future of the startup culture in the region.


Imperia excels in demand planning and forecasting process management using its unique software solutions. This startup simplifies complicated homework and is central to the region’s startup ecosystem.


Clunnity offers sports management software for soccer clubs. Streamlining tasks, it helps make football management more manageable, contributing to the region’s sports-tech success.


Kaltu provides wholesalers with a B2B payment gateway that simplifies transactions, making it a crucial player in Comunidad Valenciana’s digital commerce scene.


The musical institution-focused SaaS platform, Glissandoo, is harmonizing the world of music through innovative tech solutions. They are reinventing the administrative side of music and adding significant value to the industry.


Paviado is a digital jukebox startup implementing digital solutions in business and events. The application of their tech in diverse settings demonstrates the region’s versatility and creativity in creating software solutions.


Transforming content creation, HechicerIA uses AI to convert text to 3D video in seconds. This startup is an excellent example of how Comunidad Valenciana’s firms are spearheading the race towards AI and automation in storytelling.

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The collective innovation and advancement of these startups are building a robust technological ecosystem within Spain. Every day brings new challenges, but through these difficulties, the software startups of Comunidad Valenciana continue to innovate and grow, placing the region on the world’s technology map.

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