Which Predictive Analytics Startups Are Influencing the US Market in 2023?

Predictive analytics is a revolutionary field that involves extracting information from present data patterns in order to predict future trends and outcomes. This technology has seen a large-scale adoption across industries owing to its accuracy and reliability in predicting market trends, consumer behaviors, operational demands, and more. Predictive analytics startups are sprouting up across the United States, bringing innovative solutions to the market. Here are 15 interesting ones.


Zartico is a notable predictive analytics startup that provides destination operating systems for destination management organizations. It incorporates data from various sources to increase the profitability and sustainability of destinations.


HASH is a startup that has evolved the use of predictive analytics by enabling real-time modeling and simulation of complex systems. It specializes in designing tailor-made solutions that tackle unique business challenges.


PowerDev is a predictive ML-based SaaS analytics tool that is bent on making data processing and interpretation more efficient than ever. It uses sophisticated algorithms to foretell potential business outcomes based on historical data.


ShotQuality is a predictive analytics tool designed to dispel the luck of the game and deliver the expected results based on the accuracy of each shot’s quality. It is majorly used in the world of gaming to predict potential game outcomes.

Omnic Data, Inc.

Omnic Data, Inc. is a predictive analytics company that specializes in SaaS, Esports, and Predictive Analytics. It provides data-driven insights that allow business decision makers to make informed decisions.

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Configo Health

Configo Health offers analytical tools and services for pediatric hospitals. By examining medical records and patient history, Configo Health can predict potential health risks and help doctors to devise suitable preventative measures.


ProvenBase is a predictive analytics company that aims to eliminate bias in recruitment through technology. It provides a unique sourcing technology that produces unbiased talent pools.


Sunairio is a developer of a weather intelligence platform for renewable energy prediction. It provides predictive analytics solutions that forecast renewable energy production outcomes based on current environmental conditions.

Clean Earth Rovers

Clean Earth Rovers makes use of autonomous drones for trash and water quality data collection. It uses predictive analytics to monitor and predict potential pollution levels in coastal waters.


BlueArch is a company that leverages predictive analytics for automated cloud management. It conducts regular infrastructure audits and provides build recommendations for improved performance.


HeadRace is another innovative player in the recruitment space. This data-driven discovery platform helps hiring agencies or businesses to connect with the right recruiters.


Cargologik offers a SaaS collaboration, predictive analytics, and end-to-end visibility platform that connects all stakeholders in the supply chain. Its predictive analytics solutions aid in optimizing supply chain management and reducing costs.

Visory Health

Visory Health is a health tech cash discount platform for health services including a consumer Rx discount card and subscriptions. Its predictive analytics resources allow it to identify the most cost-effective and beneficial health plans for consumers, thus offering personalized health solutions.

Hall of Fame Bets

Hall of Fame Bets is a data-driven analytics platform that simplifies sports betting research. It employs predictive analytics to forecast game outcomes, making sports betting less risky and more calculated.

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MyRuck concludes our list of predictive analytics startups. As a SaaS company, MyRuck uses predictive analytics to devise flexible and efficient SaaS solutions that are tailored to meet unique business needs.

In conclusion, predictive analytics startups in the United States are shifting the traditional business paradigm. From recruitment to health care, and sports betting to supply chain management, these companies are leveraging data to predict the future and help businesses make informed decisions.

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