Which Queensland Internet Startups Are Revolutionising Australia’s Tech Scene?

With the rapid pace of technological advancement, startups continue to spring forth in a myriad of industry sectors all over the world. Australia’s Queensland has seen an explosive growth in the Internet startup space, with companies catering to diverse needs ranging from finance and social media to biotechnology and data management. These startups are making waves for their innovative solutions, disrupting traditional models with their forward-thinking strategies and technologies.

For those curious about the Internet startup scene in Queensland or looking to invest in promising ventures, this article spotlights some of the most intriguing startups in this vibrant ecosystem. Ranging from a contact center platform that makes calls enjoyable, a digital currency based on blockchain technology, and a private provider of in-store and online instant checkout, all these startups demonstrate the exciting array of new ideas taking shape in Queensland.

What follows is an overview of each company, including their area of specialization and a glimpse of what makes them remarkable. While the companies differ in their specific offerings, they are all united by their dedication to innovative solutions that leverage the power of the Internet.


23shout has created a contact centre platform that aims to make calling effortless and enjoyable. Recognizing the often-frustrating experience of traditional call centers, 23shout is revolutionizing the industry by bringing the digital revolution to its doorstep.


In the era of online ratings, Cloutly is providing an all-in-one reviews platform that enhances customer relations. The software not only collects customer reviews, but also helps businesses respond to them and showcase them effectively, thereby helping businesses foster positive relationships with their clients.

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Recognizing the increasing demand for flexible coaching experiences, Slocoach has built an online platform that allows athletes of all levels to upload video content. This unique digital space provides an exciting opportunity for athletes wanting to improve their skills.


OneQode is a powerful technological solution that delivers high-performance, low-latency cloud and network solutions to enterprises, particularly those running live services.


Qoin is a digital currency built on blockchain technology. Backed by tangible goods and services and governed by The Qoin Association, it’s leading the way in the age of digital finance.


Baxe is a fintech payment gateway solution provider. Its goal is to make digital transactions borderless and accessible to everyone, proving once again that distance and borders no longer need to be a barrier to financial autonomy.


Spacesium is a cutting-edge mapping company. Their cloud-based software solutions are transforming the 3D geospatial industry with applications across numerous fields, from urban planning to navigation aid design.


MIYN has an elaborate lead scheduling, landing page creating, and chat application platform designed for service business websites to increase their conversion rates.


Deadfellaz is broadening the horizons for NFT and blockchain technology. In addition to gaming and apparel, they provide services that cater to metaverse experiences, web3, entertainment, and cryptocurrency markets.

Vine Networks

Vine Networks deliver fibre optic connections, CCTV & security cameras, voice & PABX systems, IoT, Lift Communications & gate access services, securing both digital and physical spaces for businesses.


Subdefy, a Payment-On-Your-Terms (POYT) service, is focused on empowering individuals to manage their recurring expenses without impact.

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Xiippy.ai, the world’s first and only privacy-preserving, data-rich instant checkout provider for both in-store and online platforms is setting a new standard for retail experiences.

Stevie Says Social

Stevie Says Social offers personal brand building strategies using social media and podcasting. They provide opportunities to monetize through the development of signature courses.


Bioinformax is pioneering the genomics industry with a platform providing complete lifecycle and provenance management along with automated pipeline deployment.


IchiTek is engaged in providing next-generation services in the field of Enterprise Mobility, demonstrating a commitment to strategy and technological advancements.

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