Which Influential Queensland Startups are Revolutionising E-Commerce in 2023?

The rise of E-commerce businesses in the current market scenario is worth noticing. With the increase in the number of online businesses, entrepreneurs from different parts of the world are exploring the market potential in various niches. Among them, Queensland, Australia has been a rising star with numerous E-Commerce startups launching and growing into established companies. Let’s have a look at some of the E-Commerce startups in Queensland focusing on revolutionizing online shopping experiences.

From facilitating easy payment options to offering unique gifting experiences, these startups have made their mark not only in the Australian market but in the global arena as well. What’s more impressive is the diversity of these E-commerce businesses that is evident from the variety of industries and sectors they represent.

Without delay, let’s dive into the world of these 15 successful E-commerce startups and companies that have carved a niche for themselves in Queensland, Australia.


Starting off our list is YouPay, an innovative payment platform that simplifies the process of sharing transaction costs. This startup has efficiently tapped into the need for convenience in methods of payment, offering a platform where someone else can cover the payment with ease.


Next up is Shopperoo, technology provider that specialises in web3 solutions for a truly decentralised web. The platform integrates payment and shopping technology, promising a seamless user experience.

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Tupcan provides actionable insights for Ecommerce websites, all wrapped in a comprehensive Digital Experience Intelligence platform. This is a valuable tool for online businesses to understand their customer behaviour and optimize accordingly.

Gifting Owl

A unique addition to this list is Gifting Owl, an experience gifting platform. Unlike traditional gift shops, Gifting Owl allows customers to share experiences, making it a unique concept in the e-commerce sector.


Payo is a payments platform that targets the hospitality industry. Payo tends to the needs of businesses in the hospitality sector by offering them a customised, industry-focused payment solution.

Cherry Recommends

Cherry Recommends is an AI-driven product and promotion recommender platform. This technology aims to increase customer engagement, conversion and retention, making it an intelligent addition to the eCommerce ecosystem.

YP Threads

For fashionistas, YP Threads is the go-to online store for men and women’s clothing. Their wide assortment of apparel ranges suit a multitude of styles and tastes.

The Wholesome Bowl

The Wholesome Bowl is on a mission to deliver nutritionally enriched meals that are convenient and affordable. Their e-commerce platform offers a wide array of wholesome meal options, providing a convenient solution for busy individuals.

Fashion Plaza

A Brisbane-based online marketplace, Fashion Plaza, offers a vast array of fashion choices for its customers. It is a one-stop-shop for fashion enthusiasts with an extensive range of clothing and accessories.


Future-focused Crooze.com.au is an online Bike store that specialises in electric mobility options. Their range of electronic bikes and accessories make them a unique addition to the Queensland e-commerce space.


ImpulseRC caters to hobbyists and drone enthusiasts, producing and distributing RC and FPV products such as frames, frame spares, hardware, and accessories.

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X Football

For football enthusiasts, X Football is an online marketplace dedicated specifically to football-related products. This niche website makes buying and selling football items easier.

Budget Screen Printing

Offering a variety of printing styles, Budget Screen Printing specializes in affordable T-shirt screen printing. This startup proves that uniqueness can also be affordable and accessible.

Bounty Auctions

Bounty Auctions offers antiques, sports equipment, household goods, and more. Moving the traditional auction experience online, Bounty Auctions has successfully provided a platform for buyers to get some incredibly affordable deals.

Tease Sexy Lingerie

Finally, we have Tease Sexy Lingerie, an E-commerce store selling lingerie for men and women. This one-stop-shop provides a wide variety of high-quality, affordable lingerie, proving that e-commerce can venture into all sectors, including intimate apparel.

Thus, Queensland’s e-commerce industry is filled with diverse startups that are changing the world of online business. Bridging gaps and solving traditional problems, these companies are just scratching the surface of the wide spectrum of possibilities that the future of E-Commerce holds. Stay tuned for more from the exciting world of Queensland startups!

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