Which Spanish Computer Startups Will Dominate the Tech Scene in 2023?

The tech industry in Spain is thriving, with hundreds of startups springing to life in recent years, rapidly changing the technological landscape. Just like the country’s remarkable cultural diversity, Spain’s IT startups range from digital on-demand platforms to SaaS solutions, marketing services to IT consulting, thus bringing a fresh wave of innovations in the technological realm. This article dives into some interesting non-conventional companies that are leveraging technology across different sectors.

The list includes a wide variety of ventures, each unique with its product offerings and value propositions. While some entities are catering to niche segments, others are trailblazing transformational changes in their respective markets. As diverse as these entities are, a common thread that links them all is their vision for technological disruption and potential for global impact. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these inspiring tech companies from Spain.


Qlip is a digital platform that provides after-sales services in the real estate market. The company leverages technology to improve its customer service experience, from resolving issues to offering regular maintenance.


Workdeck is a company that builds digital tools designed to enhance collaboration and productivity. Their integrated suite of tools aims to streamline workflows and simplify team collaboration in a digital workspace.


Through its platform, Clideo helps advertisers increase conversion rates on digital videos. By providing a comprehensive SaaS solution for video advertisements, the company allows advertisers to maximize their ad spend.

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Techaway Technologies

Techaway Technologies specializes in offering IT services on a pay-per-use platform. Whether it’s for small businesses, startups or independent freelancers, the company offers tailored solutions to meet unique needs.


At Filiatly, it’s all about maximizing business exposure and revenue. They develop software that can aid businesses in creating and managing affiliate marketing and sales programs.


FuertaFit‘s platform offers tailored monthly fitness training plans and nutritional advice. With the support of a thriving online community, users can achieve their health and fitness goals.

dkmar tpvs and control systems

Specializing in the hospitality industry, dkmar tpvs and control systems creates software for hotels and restaurants. The company’s software aids in streamlining operations and improving business efficiency.


A platform dedicated to e-sports, Playoffnations has created a space for hosting and participating in innovative online gaming events and competitions.


Providing a wide array of consulting and computer services, systemUP aims at driving efficiency and improving the technology landscapes of its clients.

Manzanas y Mas Phone Store

Manzanas y Mas Phone Store is a one-stop-shop for all tech needs, selling Apple devices and accessories and providing repair and maintenance services.

Ikux Technological Solutions

Specializing in computer repairs, Ikux Technological Solutions is dedicated to fixing a broad array of technological issues.

Wondee Global Brands Services

Wondee Global Brands Services is a company that provides marketing and mobile device services, offering a wide range of solutions to develop and grow businesses online.

Guipuzcoan Electronics

Guipuzcoan Electronics is a firm that offers repair and installation services for electronic and computer equipment, ensuring the smooth functioning of your devices.

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Marina Digitals specializes in the sale and repair of computer products. They provide a range of solutions from hardware to software, suiting the technical needs of individuals and businesses.


Last but not least, CloudPC is a company that offers a variety of tech services to businesses and individuals, helping them navigate the complex world of technology efficiently.

These dynamic startups and tech companies showcase the rich diversity of Spain’s IT landscape. Each bringing an innovative solution to the market, they signify the exciting technological future that awaits the nation. The burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit combined with the accelerating rate of technology adoption proves that Spain is quickly making its name on the global tech stage.

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