Which Startups Are Influential in U.S. Marketing Automation Landscape Today?

Marketing Automation is the new era solution for businesses to automate their marketing processes and campaigns. It allows businesses to target potential customers with automated messages via email, social, web, and text, which can be conducted through various channels. Today, the power of marketing automation has been recognized and exploited by several startups and companies, leading to a boom in this sector especially in the United States. In this article, we have highlighted and explained some of the most intriguing marketing automation startups that you need to watch out for.

With the help of marketing automation tools, startup companies can accomplish more, by setting up more personalized and focused campaigns. This leads to better customer engagement, more efficient marketing spending, and thus, a higher return on investment. Here are some of the top marketing automation startups in the United States that are making waves in this field:

Let’s venture into the world of such exciting startups and see how they are using Marketing Automation to make a difference.


Audience.co offers a personalized marketing platform that helps businesses connect with customers and close more deals. Their focus lies on tailoring the marketing experience to meet the needs and preferences of the individual customer.


Swapt is an innovative SaaS marketing automation platform primarily for offline data acquisition. A game-changer for industries looking to merge offline and online data for comprehensive audience targeting.

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LiveRetail offers Ready-to-Run Ads for Brands, Franchisees, and MDF. With a staggering 700+ Brands and over 30 million Ready-to-Run Ads and Posts, they provide a scalable solution for large marketing campaigns.


Emphasizing customer loyalty, Boomerangme offers a digital wallet loyalty service. They help businesses reward their loyal customers, thereby increasing customer retention rates.


Parade creates unique marketing materials that include style guides, marketing emails, social media posts, and branding. A one-stop solution for all marketing endeavor needs.


Acoustic brings to the table an independent marketing cloud with the open platform needed for success in a dynamic world.


A specialized marketing platform for the food and dining industry, DiningTek offers services ranging from branding to sales for restaurants, cafes, food truck, and food manufacturers.


FasTest is a web service for data-driven corporate brand management, providing insightful data to drive marketing strategy.


GoBeep offer software to obtain self-reported consumer information for businesses target mobile marketing that drives sales.

Traffik Co

Traffik Co delivers a highly efficient and robust SaaS Marketing Automation platform, enabling businesses to automate and optimize their marketing campaigns.


Traject delivers a suite of marketing tools to grow its clients’ agencies or in-house capabilities. Their platform ensures that companies have all the tools necessary in one place.


GoBizGrow is a SaaS platform that offers a plethora of services from marketing to bookkeeping.


Videowise is a review application platform that automates product video reviews for online stores, thereby enhancing the customer experience and trust.


Escala offers a user-friendly platform that includes a comprehensive toolbox for accelerating marketing and sales. They aim to simplify the marketing process for their clients.

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Tekzop LLC

Last but not least, Tekzop LLC is yet another marketing automation startup based in the United States, dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions in the field of marketing and advertising.

In this age where time is money, marketing automation startups offer much needed time-saving solutions. They provide businesses the tools to automatically manage, measure, and maintain their marketing efforts, thereby giving them the time to focus on other aspects of their business.

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