Who are Today’s Top Game-Changers in US Marine Technology Startups?

StartupBubble.news takes a deep dive into the thriving world of United States marine technology. This expansive sector is a hotbed of innovation, where technological advancements are revolutionizing traditional maritime activities, transforming the environmental sustainability of water-based transportation, and giving rise to fresh market opportunities. Below, we journey into the fascinating realm of 15 start-ups at the forefront of harnessing the latest advancements and trends in marine technology. From B2B SaaS platforms to sustainable boat builders, each company brings a unique offering to an industry that’s making waves.


Meet DockWorks– a business-to-business platform providing software solutions that help marine businesses manage and scale. By digitizing and streamlining administrative operations, they are freeing up time for businesses to focus on what they do best – serving their customers and growing their reach.

Photon Marine

Photon Marine is engineering the most powerful and sophisticated electric outboard motor system targeted at commercial boat fleets. They’re on a mission to facilitate the industry’s shift to cleaner and more efficient transportation technologies.

Jaia Robotics

Step into the world of autonomous water vehicles with Jaia Robotics. Offering a range of micro autonomous and subsurface marine vehicles, they are pushing boundaries in maritime exploration and data collection.

Burmester & Vogel

Burmester & Vogel are setting a course for smarter maritime operations through their demurrage software and freight analytics. They offer advanced tools for maritime transportation and commodity trade execution, aiding efficiency and cost reduction.

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Krew Guru

With Krew Guru, maritime recruitment becomes a smooth sail. This platform is assisting companies in finding the best talents in the industry, all in a simplified, user-friendly interface.

Boat Fix

Boat Fix keeps your boat in check by providing dynamic boat maintenance and tracking services. Boat owners can now easily monitor and keep up-to-date with their boat’s wellbeing, ensuring optimum performance at all times.

Armada Marine Robotics

Taking marine maneuverability up a notch is Armada Marine Robotics with its cutting-edge asymmetric propulsion technology, enabling more fluid and sharp movements in water.

Blue Innovations

Blue Innovations is facilitating the seamless transition from terrestrial to marine environments via sustainable solutions, integrating emerging technologies in its solutions.

Washington’s Hammer

Washington’s Hammer is a naval ship repair tech startup that utilizes advanced tools and techniques to enhance the ship repair industry’s efficiency and effectiveness.


Calling all boat and equipment enthusiasts! Boatzon has created an online marketplace that converges FinTech and InsurTech to serve the needs of boat owners and enthusiasts alike.

Epoch Boats

Redefining boating for the climate-conscious, Epoch Boats builds high-performance and eco-friendly boats aligning with the goals of climate tech.


The future of recreational boats is here with AllOY. They are pioneering in creating Autonomous and EV boats that offer a new, technologically advanced boating experience.


AquaPrawnics bridges technology and aquaculture to produce sustainable, clean protein sources through advanced hydroponics and biofuels.


At Sunfish, autonomous underwater vehicles meet artificial intelligence. They’re leveraging tech advancements to extend the boundaries of undersea exploration and data collection

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Lastly, SailPlan is optimizing the future of maritime transportation. Utilizing an emissions optimization platform, they enable marine operators to monitor, report, and reduce emissions while saving money.

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