Which UAE Blockchain Startups Are Influencing the Global Crypto Industry?

There’s a lot happening in the booming tech hub that is the culturally rich United Arab Emirates. Notably, the UAE has emerged as a focal point in the development and advancement of blockchain innovation; home to startups creating influential products and services designed to revolutionize how we operate in various industries, including financial services, healthcare, supply chain management, and more. This article will showcase some of the creative genius that resides in the blockchain sector and introduce you to several startups within UAE leading that charge, showcasing the ingenuity found in the region.

These UAE-based blockchain startups are leveraging the power of this next-generation technology to provide innovative solutions, disrupt traditional models, and shape the future of numerous sectors. The rapidly expanding blockchain startup ecosystem in the UAE is characterized by its diversity, technological prowess, and innovation-driven entrepreneurship, proving the UAE to be a ground-breaking leader in the blockchain industry.


Creating a public, EVM compatible blockchain protocol, SliceLedger uses both Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Play consensus mechanisms to govern its network. This combination allows for a fair and efficient system for validating transactions and securing the network.

MLA Ventures

A unique boutique management consultancy, MLA Ventures operates within the realm of Blockchain, providing services such as M&A, commercial excellence, fundraising, digital, and leadership advisory.

Arabian Bourse

Leading the pack in hybrid technology solutions, Arabian Bourse is implementing a GMEX-powered hybrid centralized and blockchain distributed ledger technology suite to secure and streamline transactions.

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With a goal to empower the decentralized economy, Salera utilizes blockchain technology to realize the potential of decentralized systems, fostering a fair, efficient, and open global economy.


Svire is an innovative payment and savings application leveraging blockchain technology to create a secure, fast, and seamless money transfer and savings system.

Hybrid NFT Smart Factory

Entering the rapidly-expanding NFT market space, Hybrid NFT Smart Factory has created a platform for buying and selling officially licensed consumer products for brands and talent, combining real-world and Metaverse offerings.


Providing an all-in-one ecosystem for GameFi, Agora is enabling users of any web2 or web3 game to have user-friendly, in-game access to GameFi, bridging the gap between gaming and finance.


With its innovative P2P platform, Frictionless-Network makes it possible for projects and large-ticket investors to swap their assets in a decentralized manner with no price impact.

Securrency Capital

Creating fintech solutions for the modern world, Securrency Capital provides blockchains, digital assets, and bridges legacy financial systems effortlessly.


Active in the blockchain technology space through multiple digital platforms, Alphaseed Technology is a fintech firm transforming the face of the digital age.

Xtra. Fund

A unique DeFi platform with price drop protection and rewarding benefits, Xtra. Fund is redefining the decentralized finance landscape with its innovative solutions.

GDA Corporation

Operating within blockchain, digital assets, and government advising, GDA Corporation is at the forefront of developing emerging technologies.

Real Research

Leveraging on blockchain and Big Data technologies, Real Research offers a unique market research platform, that provides personalized surveys for individuals.

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A first of its kind, Artwally.com is the first NFT marketplace for physical art, artefacts, limited editions, and signed artworks of art and photography.


Finally, Grow provides solutions to nurture blockchain entrepreneurs, elevate understanding of the crypto space while accelerating the growth of the industry as a whole.

The UAE has developed an energetic startup ecosystem, with blockchain startups leading the charge. Their diversity, innovation, and technological prowess are propelling the country forward as a prominent blockchain hub. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of blockchain within the UAE.

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