Which UK Aerospace Startups are Shaping the Industry’s Future in 2023?

The aerospace industry in the United Kingdom is the second-largest national aerospace industry in the world and has a particularly vibrant startup scene. From green space propulsion companies to manufacturers of advanced carbon fibre composite parts, we’re seeing a wave of innovation that is poised to reshape the future of aerospace. This article will highlight 15 UK-based Aerospace startups that are fuelling this change and building the cutting-edge technologies of tomorrow.

All of these companies are working on exciting projects and represent a cross-section of the UK’s diverse aerospace landscape. They range from companies developing new production techniques, designing rockets and creating AI-based tools to those providing advanced analytics and manufacturing aviation components. If you’re interested in the space industry, then these are names you definitely want to keep your eye on.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what these Aerospace startups from the United Kingdom have to offer. Each profile below will include a bit about the company along with a link to their website.


iCOMAT is an aerospace company aiming to revolutionize the production of advanced carbon fibre composite parts. Operating out of the United Kingdom, iCOMAT develops innovative production equipment designed to bring efficiency and enhanced quality in manufacturing these essential parts.


Based in the United Kingdom, STOKE is an aerospace startup focusing on designing and building rockets to enable access to space. Their work is pivotal in pushing the frontiers of space exploration and utilization.

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Mako Aerospace

With a focus on the electric aerospace industry, Mako Aerospace is producing cutting-edge technologies with a sustainable lean. The United Kingdom-based firm aims at propelling the aerospace industry into an emission-free future.

Productive Machines

Based in the United Kingdom, Productive Machines leverages Industry 4.0, Edge, SaaS, AI, ML, and Digital Twin technologies to transform the aerospace industry, aiming towards efficient production processes and optimal product yield.

Space Resources Laboratory

Specialising in CubeSat structures, propulsion systems, and ADCS, the Space Resources Laboratory is one of the leading CubeSat subsystem providers based in the United Kingdom. Their work plays an essential role in making space exploration more accessible and efficient.


Evolito aims to power the adoption of electric propulsion in aerospace. The company’s commitment to a green aerospace industry offers a tantalising glimpse into the future of sustainable aerospace travel.

Oxford Dynamics

Oxford Dynamics is paving the way for more intuitive and efficient AI use in aerospace. Their range of cutting-edge AI-based tools enables machines to mimic human thinking patterns for more efficient industry operations.

LIA Aerospace

Specialising in the commercialisation of bi-propellant, green, non-toxic spacecraft propulsion systems, LIA Aerospace is leading the way in creating sustainable alternatives for space travel. The company’s vision of a greener and safer space travel industry is both daring and inspiring.

Phoenix Carbon

Phoenix Carbon is an aerospace startup based in the United Kingdom that is developing sustainable composites through their patent-pending recycling and manufacturing workflows. This innovative approach enables the company to increase efficiency while reducing waste.

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Eolas Insight

Eolas Insight is a technological and informational solution for those tasked with monitoring animal populations and ecosystems. Their advanced analytics capabilities are a prime example of how aerospace tech can benefit other sectors.


Workbit provides training and simulation tools for the aerospace industry. Their products play a key role in preparing the aerospace workforce to navigate the complex systems and operations in the sector.

ASG Group

Specialising in designing and manufacturing a wide range of Aviation and Aerospace Components, the ASG Group is a trusted name in the UK aerospace scene. Their work is crucial in sustaining and enhancing the operations of numerous aerospace companies.

Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited

Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited is an aviation company that offers solutions for e-commerce platforms and distribution. Their innovative and flexible solutions help bridge the gap between the aerospace industry and e-commerce.

Bicester Motion

Bicester Motion operates a unique business model that combines being a visiting destination hosting automotive events, brokeraging historical vehicles, and offering business exposure. This approach offers an interesting look into potential synergies and overlaps between the automotive and aerospace industries.

Parajet International

Parajet International is a United Kingdom-based manufacturer and online retailer that sells parachutes, paramotor wings, helmets, and travel bags. Their products represent one of the many ways that the aerospace industry influences our day-to-day lives.

In conclusion, the United Kingdom aerospace industry is a hub of innovation with its unique ecosystem of startups. Each of these companies represents a facet of the UK’s thriving aerospace industry, and we look forward to seeing the game-changing solutions that they will bring to the industry in the years to come.

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