Which UK AgTech Startups Are Revolutionising Sustainable Farming in 2023?

AgTech, a sector merging agriculture and technology, is on the rise in the United Kingdom, home to some of the most innovative startups. These companies are revolutionising traditional farming methods, thereby filling gaps and improving efficiency in the agriculture sector. From startups creating plant-based alternatives to meat to those innovating in sustainable farming solutions, the UK AgTech field is ripe with innovation. Let’s dive into some of the most promising AgTech startups in the UK.


Multus is an AgTech startup that operates in the cell production industry, focusing on animal-free solutions. This company provides a unique take on how our food is produced, promising an ethical and sustainable option in the food industry.

Ivy Farm Technologies

An Oxford University spinout, Ivy Farm Technologies is a high-tech food company committed to creating cultivated meat in an ethical manner that’s beneficial to animals, people, and the planet. This purpose-driven company offers innovative technology in meat production.

Better Dairy

Another fascinating player in the UK AgTech space is Better Dairy. This company is endeavouring to build the future of food, starting with dairy. They focus on creating dairy options that are not just delicious but also sustainable.

Upcycled Plant Power (UPP) Limited

Did you know 80% of broccoli crops go to waste? UPP Limited is tackling this issue by harvesting clean, natural, healthy proteins and ingredients from existing crops, generating less waste and more useful products.

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Verna uses geospatial data science to encourage sustainable land use, thus reducing carbon footprints, enhancing biodiversity and creating sustainable returns.


Another company attempting to revolutionize our protein consumption is Kyomei. They utilize plant cell biology to develop a sustainable meat protein production system.

Light Science Technologies

Light Science Technologies is an AgTech startup that employs light science and technology to improve agricultural efficiency and sustainability.

Central Plains Group

Developing sustainable farming solutions and budget-friendly farming technology, Central Plains Group advocates for a more efficient, environmentally friendly future in farming.

WellFish Diagnostics

WellFish Diagnostics aims to bolster the sustainability of the aquaculture industry. It diagnoses and treats aquatic diseases, contributing to healthier, more sustainable fish farming.


The UK startup Albotherm is innovating with a smart transitioning coating technology. This development has potential applications across a variety of industries, including agriculture.


UNFIA is a B2B marketplace that automates the supply chain connecting wine producers and consumers, eliminating intermediaries and trade barriers.


Materra facilitates the journey to more sustainable fashion by developing farms and intelligence systems to generate eco-friendlier cotton.


Farmsio mitigates farming challenges with its climate-smart Farm Management Software. This tool bridges traditional farming methods and next-generation technology.

Farming Dynamics

Farming Dynamics utilizes software and data science to help growers build and maintain strong businesses, proving that data and farming can work together.

Zayndu Ltd

Zayndu Ltd offers non-toxic sterilisation of seeds. This process helps ensure a healthier, more reliable form of agriculture, keeping the future of farming bright.

Thus, the UK AgTech startup landscape is a vibrant and innovative one. These companies strive to shape the future of farming in a more sustainable, efficient, and impactful way. They are the testament to the transformative power of technology in addressing the greatest challenges of the agriculture sector, and the promise they hold is immense.

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