Which UK AR Startups Are Redefining the Augmented Reality Landscape?


Based in the United Kingdom, UnixGaming is revolutionising the gaming industry with their innovative voice assistant for gamers. Pioneering in the realm of augmented reality technologies, they are transforming the way users interact and experience video games. Their cutting-edge voice assistant enhances game-play, helping gamers navigate and engage in an immersive world.

Prox & Reverie

Dedicated to creating multi-reality experiences, Prox & Reverie innovates new ways of bridging physical, digital, and imagined worlds. Based in the UK, the company is developing augmented reality technologies that embed layers of digital information into the physical world, revolutionising user interaction and experience.

Focus MRS

Focus MRS is known for their online training portal, aiming to reshape remote technical services training through their innovation in Augmented Reality. UK-based and future-focused, their revolutionizing solution offers impactful, interactive and immersive learning experiences.


In the field of web-based Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences, Aircards stands out with its technology. Based in the United Kingdom, Aircards is committed to providing interactive and immersive web-based reality experiences that exceed traditional boundary limits.


Musicverse stands at the intersection of tech innovation and creativity. With a focus on the immersive consumer experience market, they have carved a unique position in the augmented reality industry. As a tech partner for Microsoft in the US and UK, Musicverse is revolutionising the B2C market with their innovative AR solutions.

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MX Reality

Providing services that enhance productivity and lower costs, MX Reality specializes in aiding companies by improving diagnostic accuracy and efficiency through the use of augmented reality.


NFTrace aims to connect brands with the Gen-Z population through Innovative Tech in the field of Augmented Reality. This UK based company revolutionizes brand engagement and offers an interactive experience for customers, paving the way for a vibrant future.


3FINERY LTD is redefining communication online by creating expressive digital and physical avatars. Localized in the UK, they are already one of the trendsetters in the Augmented Reality industry.


Another UK based company, PhotonLens, specializes in augmented reality hardware. Their innovative mixed reality smart glasses provide users with an immersive experience that combines real and virtual environments.

GreyTechno Web Services

GreyTechno Web Services has a mission to help leaders navigate the world of accelerating change. They merge technology and impact, to empower businesses, particularly through their work in Augmented Reality.


BLANK XR sets its focus on providing interactive experiences through virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. Operating out of the United Kingdom, their goal is to create exciting and immersive experiences for users.


Adding to the list of her success stories, Musicverse has recently become a part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub. Exciting times are ahead for this Augmented Reality startup, leaving everyone eager to see what’s next.

Unusual Technologies

Unusual Technologies specializes in creating commercial VR and AR projects and games. This software development company is one to watch out for with its developing technologies and promising future.

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With a focus on asset and infrastructure visualisation, YouNeed3D is leading the way in the field of Augmented Reality. Their extraordinary work involves mapping spatial information as Reality 3D Models.


Wrapping up our list of UK-based Augmented Reality Startups, VisualConfig offers unique software services. Their abilities in construction design, floor plan views, AR previews, layers build-up, and rendering services set them apart from the rest in the AR industry.

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