Which UK Big Data Startups are Influencing 2023 Industry Trends?

Understanding the ever-evolving world of startups can be exciting, but also daunting. It’s especially intriguing when we focus on the sphere of Big Data. Big Data is revolutionizing how businesses, government agencies, and NGOs operate globally. Our focus today is on innovative startups in the United Kingdom that are utilizing Big Data to create cutting-edge solutions. These firms are not just reshaping the landscapes of their respective industries, but are also having a broader societal and economic impact.

The term Big Data refers to extremely large data sets that, when analyzed computationally, reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions. From healthcare to finance, and logistics to sustainability, it’s remarkable how these startups are harnessing the power of Big Data in diverse and fascinating ways. Here are 15 Big Data start-ups located in the United Kingdom that are setting new trends;

These UK-based startups have achieved much within their respective industries, showcasing the power of utilizing Big Data effectively. Let’s take a detailed look at these companies and their endeavors.


Mogrify is dedicated to transforming the development of ex vivo cell therapies and pioneering a new class of in vivo reprogramming therapies. This startup ambitiously seeks to revolutionize healthcare by unlocking the potential of cell control and maintenance.


Creating value for both consumers and brands, Numerous uses machine learning algorithms and data analysis to promote valuable relationships between businesses and their customers.

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Combining neuroscience and virtual reality is Virtuleap. This startup is helping to increase brain health, a field with immense potential for personal and social impact.

Hublsoft Group

Hublsoft Group is simplifying the analysis process. Making it intuitive, non-technical, and engaging, Hublsoft ensures data can be harnessed by as many people as possible.


With a strong emphasis on RegTech, DataGardener is ensuring regulatory procedures are streamlined and more efficient via the power of data.

Coats Digital

Coats Digital specializes in providing technology-based solutions and industry best practice expertise, connecting industry practicalities with digital potentials.


Without a website but still making waves in the Big Data industry, Symbiotica is providing deep liquidity insights for institutional investors. A truly specialized and valuable service.

Ethical Intelligence

Ethical Intelligence is providing ethical assistance and advisory services for AI development, ensuring a responsible future for our digital landscapes.


Revolutionizing travel to Japan, JTrip is using data to give tourists a truly local experience. This startup places a noteworthy emphasis on cultural immersion.

Sourcific Consulting Ltd

With a focus on credit and collections lifecycle, Sourcific Consulting Ltd is utilizing Big Data and AI-driven solutions to optimize various financial processes.


Offering a cloud-first B2B data sharing platform, Matatika connects data apps, automates live reporting, and alerts important data sets, streamlining workflows and accelerating business processes.

RAIR Health

Healthcare is being revolutionized by startups like RAIR Health. As an artificial intelligence and health data company, they are leveraging data to improve patient outcomes.


Pandeta is a data and analytics provider for the real estate industry. Their services help firms make more informed decisions and in turn foster more successful business outcomes.

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As a business marketplace company, SellCorporation is utilizing Big Data to streamline company sales, resulting in a more efficient business exchange experience.

Fleetly Telematics

Fleetly Telematics is a comprehensive driver safety and fleet management system powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics. This startup is transforming the future of fleet management and driver safety.

With such diverse applications of Big Data, these startups are not only transforming their own industries but are also redefining what’s possible on a broader scale. The future of Big Data seems promising and these startups are testament to this.

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