Which UK CleanTech Startups Are Shaping the Green Revolution in 2023?

The reality of climate change and growing sustainability consciousness has put pressure on industries to reduce their carbon footprint. One sector that’s leading the way in revolutionising our approach to sustainability is the CleanTech industry. The UK is home to numerous promising CleanTech startups working towards reducing carbon emissions and creating a more sustainable future. In this article, we will showcase 15 interesting CleanTech startups from the United Kingdom.

These startups span a broad spectrum of industries and offer a range of innovative solutions – from developing hydrogen-powered technology to creating zero-emission drone solutions for logistics. The shared goal of these startups is to develop technology and solutions that encourage sustainability. The work of these startups is not only crucial for the environment but also presents unique opportunities for investors looking for sustainable businesses to support.

Let’s introduce you to some of the brightest and most promising CleanTech startups in the United Kingdom.


Viritech is reinventing the wheel when it comes to hydrogen-powered solutions. The company seeks to create a carbon-free future by innovating and developing solutions powered by hydrogen that can be applied in a range of sectors, from transportation to energy storage.


With a focus on the building industry, Thermulon has developed a new chemical pathway to produce insulation materials. This novel technology aims to provide a more sustainable way of insulating buildings and reducing energy consumption.

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As a B2B sustainability matchmaking platform, Greener helps food and drink SMEs become more eco-friendly by connecting them with appropriate green initiatives and technologies.

Salinity Solutions

Salinity Solutions has developed technology to revolutionize water treatment industries by reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional treatment techniques.


SilviBio has come up with innovative seed technologies that not only protect plants from harsh environmental conditions but also help increase yields, thus promoting agricultural sustainability.


Aiming to make logistics more sustainable, IONA has developed zero-emission autonomous drone solutions for efficient transportation in areas with low population density.

Phase Biolabs

Phase Biolabs is making strides in greening the chemical industry by turning carbon dioxide into carbon-neutral chemicals using a fermentation process.


CHAINERGY is an innovative start-up that aims to power blockchain technology sustainably with 100% renewable powered mobile data centres.

Greener Clarity

Greener Clarity is a global green collaboration platform aimed at connecting those who want to create greener initiatives. At its heart is a digital AI-driven core that facilitates collaboration and networking.

Carbon Keepers

With a focus on investment management, Carbon Keepers facilitates investments in sustainable and carbon-reducing initiatives.

Nellie Technologies

Nellie Technologies works towards reversing climate change by developing and deploying innovative carbon capture technologies. Their work helps businesses become more carbon-neutral and sustainable.

WeEngage Group

The WeEngage Group is a recruitment company sourcing engineering, data and leadership professionals for cleantech and healthtech companies.

Absolar Solutions

Absolar Solutions provides carbon reduction intelligence in the built environment, helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint.


As a climate repair company, WOXON is working on proprietary, scalable technology to cool down the oceans, highlighting the necessary intervention at a planetary level.

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H2 Bulletin

Last but not least, H2 Bulletin provides news and analysis around CleanTech developments, helping stakeholders stay informed about the latest trends and happenings in this rapidly-evolving industry.

These startups are revolutionising industries, pushing boundaries, and setting new standards for sustainability. Their dedication and innovative solutions give us hope that a cleaner, more sustainable future is within reach.

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