Which US Fraud Detection Startups are Reshaping the Industry in 2023?

In the age of digital transformation, fraud detection has become critical to ensuring the security and integrity of businesses across various sectors. Companies in the United States are deploying cutting-edge technology to create innovative solutions, ranging from decision-support software for fraud and risk applications to digital takedown services for pirated content. This article will delve into 15 exciting fraud detection startups that are helping companies navigate the often complex terrain of fraud prevention and security.

We’re looking at companies that are using artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and data-driven strategies to tackle fraud. With solutions designed for various industries, these companies have found creative and effective ways to address fraud, whether it’s in financial transactions, supply chains, or online content.

While some of these startups build systems that aid in identifying unusual patterns that could signal fraudulent activities, others work on bolstering cybersecurity to prevent data leaks and detect digital fraud. All these companies share a common goal: to safeguard digital business environments from the perils of fraud.

Cinder Technologies

Cinder Technologies is a unified intelligence and investigation platform that offers decision-support software for fraud and risk applications, helping businesses keep their security systems a step ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of online fraud.

Acquire App

Acquire App provides checkout page solutions for the creation of dynamic pages that drive more revenue while ensuring safe and secure transaction environments.

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Deep Discovery

Deep Discovery applies artificial intelligence to fight global corruption, automating the detection and prevention of fraudulent activities.


Secro develops a supply chain platform to eliminate fraud, inefficiencies, and exploitation from global trade, enabling businesses to ensure integrity and transparency in their operations.


Peak provides API software that supports online child safety and fights child exploitation, furthering the cause of internet safety while combating digital fraud.

Sliderule (formerly Modern Logic)

Sliderule builds a no-code rules engine to help fintech companies combat financial crime, ensuring that technology is not a barrier to fraud prevention.


Axur assists companies in the digital content removal process while detecting digital fraud, data leakage, and online piracy, preserving the integrity of digital business assets.

Fraud Blocker

Fraud Blocker is a click fraud protection software solution that blocks traffic from bots and other malicious sources, protecting businesses from online scams and malicious actions.


Güeno provides fraud prevention and transaction monitoring for web2/3, implementing modern fraud detection tools that address the unique challenges of today’s web platform landscape.


Scrutinize offers anomaly detection for accounting systems, uncovering irregularities that point to fraudulent activities to safeguard business assets.

Charter Diligence Group

Charter Diligence Group is a financial services firm offering expertise in lender diligence and ABL field exam services for lenders, ensuring that financial activities are conducted with utmost integrity and security.


Penser.IO is a turnkey SaaS solution that automates fraud detection and prevention to strengthen security posture for regulatory compliance.

Neighborhood Watch® for Corporations

Neighborhood Watch® For Corporations is a workplace risk engagement system that leverages digitized expert interviews to identify potential threats and fraudulent activities within the corporate ecosystem.

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CrediVault offers a platform for managing debt while reducing fraud and ensuring compliance, creating a safe and transparent financial environment.


Fraudit provides ad fraud advisory services, tackling fraudulent practices in the advertising industry and ensuring that marketing efforts yield genuine results.

In conclusion, these 15 exciting startups are showcasing the capabilities of modern technology to detect and prevent fraud. By creating innovative solutions that can be deployed across various sectors, they are shaping a future where businesses can operate with increased security and peace of mind.

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