Which West Bengal Software Startups Are Revolutionizing India’s Tech Scene?

West Bengal, long known for its diverse culture and history, is fast emerging as a software startup hotspot in India. Creative minds in the region are leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive innovation and offer unique solutions to pressing business challenges. This article highlights some of the most interesting and promising software startups in West Bengal encompassing various aspects of the industry such as HR SaaS solutions, AI, and customer experience.

These companies have differentiated themselves through excellence in innovation, growth potential, and success. Below is a closer look at 15 noteworthy software startups contributing to West Bengal’s growing tech landscape.

From HR solutions through Saas to AI technology, the following companies show the wide array of innovation and technological advancement coming out of West Bengal.


Asanify offers HR SaaS solutions that automate training and development as well as HR, Payroll for startups to enterprises. Doing business in the software industry, the company is a pillar of technological excellence in West Bengal.

Hipla Technologies

Hipla Technologies is an IT solution company whose mission is to enable companies to achieve safety, efficiency, and seamless interactions. They are an emerging player in the software industry in West Bengal.


ShuftiPro integrates into multiple software used by businesses to aggregate all the data that drives their customer experience, rising rapidly as a software company in West Bengal.

Evetech ML

Evetech ML is playing a significant role in automating continuous model improvement for unstructured models (Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision) in the software business world.

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Hosting Kida

A new player in West Bengal’s software startup scene, Hosting Kida, is an AI cloud hosting company on a mission to democratize AI for everyone.


Offering software solutions in IoT, Automation, Energy, Renewable Resource, and Industry 4.0, Technixia is pushing boundaries in the software industry.


BlogHunch is a flexible No-Code blogging platform that allows users to build and manage their blog without worrying about servers, developers, branding, and SEO.


GoDial has created an auto call dialer & CRM app with voice note transcriber, payment tracker, custom disposition, multiple call list support.


Eventstub is the self-proclaimed world’s first DIY 3D Virtual Events Platform, making it an interesting addition to the software industry in West Bengal.


Slazzer creates innovative visual AI software products, distinguishing itself as a leader in AI technology in the region.


Babsa.org‘s Software-as-a-service (Saas) product caters specifically to the people of India, proving itself a dedicated player in the software industry.


WowSender provides an Email Marketing Software solution, showing its relevance and utility in today’s digital marketing landscape.


Writee is a prominent SaaS solution provider, demonstrating its expertise and alignment with technology trends in the software industry.


LeadWity is a cold email software that enables businesses to do automated sales outreach & nurture campaigns at scale, making it a noteworthy addition to the software industry’s line-up.


Abcence is an Indian Information technology company that is considered a gem in the software industry located in West Bengal, contributing to the region’s rich tech landscape.

In conclusion, it is clear that West Bengal is home to some exciting and innovative software startups. These companies are shaping the future of the software industry not only in West Bengal but also across India and potentially worldwide.

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