Which Internet Startups Are Shaping West Bengal’s Digital Ecosystem in 2023?

Welcome to the vibrant world of Internet startups in West Bengal, India—a region pulsating with innovation and entrepreneurship. For our dedicated readers at StartupBubble.News, we bring a comprehensive guide to 15 Internet companies making waves in the startup ecosystem of West Bengal. These startups range from platforms connecting experts and learners to collaborative spaces for freelancers, and from platforms for artists to IT services firms, each bringing their unique offerings to the table.

These startups are challenging traditional boundaries, leveraging the power of the Internet to bring change, convenience, and creativity to numerous lives. While they belong to various sectors, a common thread of technology and the Internet links them together. Let’s dive in and explore these promising companies, their missions, and what they offer to the world from the enchanting lands of West Bengal.


LYSH embraces the tagline ‘Unleash Your Life’. This startup is an internet-based company dedicated to enhancing and enriching life experiences. Not much else is known about this elusive startup, but they are gearing up to make a big splash.


SkillPal provides ‘Personalized Feedback From Elite Experts’. This unique platform bridges the gap between experts and enthusiastic learners, enabling individuals to derive insights from those who have already mastered their craft.


Gig4U invites both businesses large and small, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to collaborate and achieve mutual goals. It facilitates a platform to share skills and services.

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For organizations worldwide seeking developers for their projects, BEEU Tech comes as a lifeline. This firm dedicatedly offers IT Services to assist businesses in developer hiring.


Kloo is another name in the long list of West Bengal’s Internet companies. Although not much about its services is known, it promises to bring something unique to the table.

Digital Griho

Digital Griho is a one-stop solution for your digital marketing needs. They provide a multitude of digital marketing services ranging from social media and SEO to video marketing and website building.


With a grand vision of creating an ‘Interconnected Universe’, Hackning is an Internet company which keeps a shroud of mystery about its services.

Flix Broadband

Flix Broadband is a leading name in the information and communication technology sector. They provide extensive internet, VOD, Live TV, and cloud gaming services, aiming for holistic digital coverage for their customers.

Ukio Ventures

Ukio Ventures provides artists with a platform to showcase their talents and connect with their fans. They bring artists and art lovers together, bridging the gap through the power of the Internet.


Quicly is not just an Internet startup; it’s India’s fastest instant shopping delivery app. Aimed at simplifying online shopping and delivery, this startup is revolutionizing the e-commerce sector.


For Indian creators, Expy acts as an all-in-one social storefront. This platform provides them a stage to shine, connect, and share their creations with the world.

App ExpertIn

App ExpertIn gives wings to digital businesses by providing comprehensive solutions in their domain, helping organizations take advantage of the digital era.

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The Online Marketing Guru

The Online Marketing Guru promises top-notch digital marketing solutions for businesses and companies, propelling their marketing efforts to new heights.


OnlyPay rises as India’s offline retail market business company, demonstrating that not everything on the Internet is inherently ‘online’.


BizzMen, the No.1 Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata, thrives on offering its clients competitive edge in digital marketing tactics and strategies.

We hope that this guide offers a glimpse into the dynamic startup landscape in West Bengal. With each startup inkling their unique mark, they are collectively pushing West Bengal to the forefront of the digital revolution. It would be fascinating to see how they continue to evolve and what challenges they undertake in their journey ahead.

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