Who Are America’s Most Influential Cloud Computing Startups in 2023?

In the era of digital transformation and data democratization, businesses are increasingly shifting from traditional on-premise infrastructure to cloud computing. The cloud industry has expanded rapidly in recent years, pushing the development of numerous innovative and high-performing startups across the United States. This article introduces 15 emerging cloud computing companies, offering insights into their unique market propositions.

Each company presented in this article has demonstrated not only a firm grasp on contemporary technology trends, such as SaaS and data management, but also a commitment to addressing specific industry challenges and customer needs. Ranging from healthcare providers to logistics systems, these startups showcase the diverse applications and immense potential of cloud computing.

As we traverse the fast-paced landscape of cloud technology, the following startups serve as vestiges of innovation and adaptability. Whether you’re an investor, a potential client, or a curious observer, prepare to delve into the dynamic world of cloud computing through the lenses of these promising startups.


HBox pioneers within the healthcare industry by providing cloud-based solutions designed for primary care providers. The US-based startup utilizes cloud computing to store, analyze, and manage data securely, facilitating enhanced healthcare delivery.

Doctivity Health

Doctivity Health offers a cloud-based SaaS platform that helps healthcare providers enhance their operational performance using actionable data. Their offering sets them apart, advocating for data-driven decision-making within the healthcare industry.

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TensorDock offers cost-effective and accessible cloud GPUs, eliminating the barrier to entry for businesses and users hoping to implement GPU-intensive applications. This startup is fueling GPU accessibility and affordability.

Mastery Logistics Systems

Mastery Logistics Systems operates in the logistics industry, offering a comprehensive cloud-based SaaS transportation management system. They bring agility and flexibility to the logistics industry, optimizing supply chains with real-time data and insights.


Spectronn deploys cognitive mobile edge networking technology to provide reliable, secure WiFi and applications for transportation. Their technology combines the power of cloud computing and AI to enhance reliability and security in mobile connectivity.


Brightfin helps businesses manage mobile, fixed, and cloud expenses in one scalable, automated platform. By offering a unified structure for expense management, Brightfin allows businesses to have clearer visibility and control over their expenditures.


Ozone unleashes the power of collaboration with the world’s first lag-free, collaborative video editor in the cloud. They’re offering users flexibility, mobility, and the potential for effective collaborative editing.


PayComplete brings the finance industry into the 21st century with cloud-based software services for financial transactions and broader payment solutions. They aim to streamline financial operations with transparency and efficiency.


Snowrelic provides IT services and solutions, including cloud data migration and consulting services. They assist businesses in navigating through digital transformation, simplifying the migration process with expert consultative services.


KansoCloud specializes in cloud and cloud-native adoption journeys. As a tech consulting and services firm, they guide businesses through their digital transformation, ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud.

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CloudZenix aims to “Automate Everything” in the IT world. Their use of cloud computing technology enables them to offer business automation services, saving businesses time and improving operational consistency.


CR8 is an industry cloud platform designed to fuel innovation for global businesses and their supply chain. They promote supply chain transparency and foster innovation-driven growth for businesses.

DWP Global

DWP Global provides an array of services including business intelligence, app development, cloud computing, and data management. The IT consulting firm leverages cloud technology to deliver custom solutions for business challenges.

KDex Global

KDex Global is an IT company offering cloud consulting and managed services. Their expertise lies in providing strategic recommendations and managed services for businesses making the transition to the cloud.

Noelani Ventures

Noelani Ventures extends its services to cloud computing solutions and installations, including corporate IT, backup, and security solutions. Combining hardware, software, and cloud-based solutions, they deliver a fully integrated IT solution to businesses.

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