Who are Australia’s Most Influential 2023 Service Industry Startups?

From renewable energy to artificial intelligence, interesting new startups are popping up every day in Australia’s service industry. In a time when innovative solutions are more important than ever, these companies are making a difference and paving the way for future developments. This article will explore 15 of the most intriguing service industry startups in Australia.

Many of these startups utilise technology to solve unique problems, improve services, or create new opportunities. Often, they fill gaps in the market, providing services that didn’t exist before or offering diverse solutions better tailored to client needs.

In the profiles that follow, you’ll learn about what makes these startups special and how they’re shaping Australia’s service industry from diverse angles – be it tech, renewable energy, travel and more.

MGA Thermal

Specialising in renewable energy systems, MGA Thermal is providing eco-friendly solutions for a sustainable future. They are harnessing the potential of thermal energy storage to provide a secure, low-cost, and renewable energy source.


As an artificial intelligence startup, Tribu works with IT help desks and managed service providers to automate assistance requests. By using AI technology they can provide a faster and more efficient customer service experience.


With a knack for transforming complex content into easy-to-understand pieces, reKnow is an AI-powered content generation platform that’s helping businesses get their message across more effectively.

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IntelVest combines radio transmitters, a processing unit, and a set of pre-existing electronic sensors to create new solutions for various industries. Their innovative approach enables them to provide a range of services tailored to specific needs.

Avance Clinical

Avance Clinical offers CRO and pre-clinical services. Their focus on scientific excellence and regulatory rigor makes them a critical partner for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies in health-orientated sectors.

mycar Tyre & Auto

With a focus on automotive service and repair, mycar Tyre & Auto is dedicated to providing quality services for all car makes and models.


As a data-led marketing solutions provider, Cartology utilises actionable insights to construct effective marketing strategies for businesses. Their tailored solutions streamline marketing efforts and maximise results.


With an online portal that houses information about pet care professionals, Floofers offers a unique service to pet owners looking for reputable care solutions for their furry friends.

Vai Photonics

Committed to transforming the global navigation market, Vai Photonics delivers a leap in navigation performance through their innovative technology.


By creating a platform that connects businesses and their customers, Reforest empowers individuals and companies to reduce their CO2 emissions and contribute to local ecosystem regeneration.

Lagardere AWPL

Lagardere AWPL is a travel retail operator that provides a variety of travel essentials, specialty, duty-free, luxury items, and food services. It’s a one-stop solution to your travel needs.


A team of audio-visual technology specialists, Serity uses creative AV technologies to create unique and immersive experiences for their clients.

10 Travlr

Providing hotel and flight booking services, 10 Travlr is a travel agency that simplifies the booking process and offers competitive deals for travellers.

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Flipacar is a car trading platform that provides trusted and streamlined services to licensed car dealers. By focusing on wholesale car trading, they’ve created a niche service for professionals in the auto industry.

Smarter Air & Electrical

A specialist in air conditioning, Smarter Air & Electrical provides expert installation, maintenance, and repair services, ensuring your home or business is comfortable all year round.

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