Who Are Australia’s Most Influential Property Management Startups in 2023?

Property Management is no longer about just selling and leasing properties. With advancements in technology and increased demand for convenience, solution-driven businesses are emerging in this space offering new and creative ways to handle the various complexities of property management. Australia has been a hotbed for such innovation and the following property management startups are causing a stir in the industry.

These companies bring interesting and insightful ideas, technology, and execution to an industry ripe for digital evolution. Driven by unique business models, these startups are poised to redefine the property management industry.

Here is a comprehensive look at some of Australia’s groundbreaking property management startups and the unique solutions they bring to the table.


With the core function of OwnHome being to convert tenants into homeowners, this startup provides an innovative solution to Australia’s housing problem. It aims to bridge the widening gap between renters and homeowners.

Quant Property Solutions

Quant Property Solutions assists banks and their clients in selling distressed residential real estate at profitable prices. They take a data-driven approach to property management, which sets them apart.


UrbanX is a comprehensive platform aimed at helping successful real estate agents establish and grow their own businesses. Offering a number of features and tools, UrbanX stands out as a complete business solution for agents.


Kolmeo stands out with its innovative property management software that connects homeowners, tenants, and property managers. This creates a seamless exchange of services and a simpler property management process.

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Little Hinges

As Australia’s number one virtual tour provider, Little Hinges brings a fresh take on property showcasing by using a mix of technology and creativity to leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

Virtual Tour Creator

Virtual Tour Creator provides a software platform that allows estate agents to create engaging and interactive VR tours of properties, offering another dimension of property showcasing.

The Rubinstein Group

The Rubinstein Group specializes in luxury real estate and offers services in buying and selling commercial and residential properties, establishing itself as a leader in the upscale property market.


KO is a fractional ownership company that allows people to have their drip of luxury by offering affordable holiday homes, showing that quality living doesn’t always have to be exorbitantly priced.


Abodely is leveraging social media networking capabilities to transform the property management scene, demonstrating the power of connectivity in the 21st century.


Airlisting reimagines real estate services through its agency that helps facilitate transactions without traditional agents, an industry-first in the region.


From commercial and industrial spaces to residential and retail projects, Hesperia is a property group that has diversified its offering, establishing a dominant presence in the Australian property market.

NXT Form

NXT Form is a subscription-based software service provider that helps automate and streamline property management functions.


BuyersBuyers connects buyers and their advocates, facilitating an easier property buying experience for Australians.

CNG Property Group

CNG Property Group is an established provider of property management services in Australia, operating in both the residential and commercial spaces.


Cosmo has created an elegant solution for homeowners looking to profit from short-term rentals, without the saddle of managing these properties themselves.

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