Who are Austria’s Most Influential Software Startups Shaping 2023?

As the world becomes more digital-focused, the Austrian start-up scene is quickly making its mark, boasting numerous innovative software companies. The combination of talented individuals and supportive government initiatives is paving the way for exciting developments in the tech and software industry. Here, we will explore 15 such software-based startups from Austria that are worth keeping an eye on, each with their unique origin, purpose, and influence in the industry.

The ripple effect of these startups reaches every industry from immersive reality simulation to blockchain-powered supply machine management. Despite being based in Austria, these companies have global ambitions and have designed their products to meet international standards and demands. Each of these has capitalized on Austria’s vibrant and supportive startup ecosystem, leveraging it to build innovative software solutions that solve problems and address specific niche needs.

Many of these startups have carved out new applications of AI, machine learning, and deep learning. Others focus on more specific areas of software development like automation, maintenance workflow, communication, or logistics. Leading the way in their respective areas, they reflect the country’s growing reputation as a prominent player in the global tech scene.


DeepOpinion is an intelligent automation platform that provides no-code B2B SaaS solutions. The software automates tedious processes, enabling companies to channel their resources more efficiently.


Enabling mobile-first collaboration and workflow for maintenance teams, Wowflow is a game-changing platform for facility maintenance sector. Its features streamline the maintenance process, save time and ensure optimal productivity.

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Working on the cutting-edge of technology, NXRT is developing immersive simulation software for mixed reality driving applications. This software finds extensive use in diverse industries, making it a versatile addition to any organization needing such solutions.

Let’s Connect

Offering AI-driven unified communication solutions, Let’s Connect helps enhance customer experience by providing real-time assistance to website visitors. This platform is an excellent tool for websites to provide instant resolution to user queries.


Revolutionizing the way consumers manage their purchases, Warrify delivers digital receipts directly from the retailer to the smartphone. An example of how start-ups are leveraging technology to make life simpler for the common people.


MLReef is a single application designed to manage the entire machine learning lifecycle. This platform supports the development, scaling and continuous integration of machine learning applications.

The Apollinaire Group (TAG)

The Apollinaire Group encapsulates how startups can combine cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and deep learning for practical applications. TAG provides solutions for frictionless supply machine management.

Netz Beweis

A solution for securing websites, Netz Beweis is a notable evidence-preservation tool. With Netz Beweis, websites can easily preserve and provide crucial evidence when needed, an essential feature in today’s digital landscape.

Beyond Now

Specialising in digital business platforms, technology, software development, and SaaS, Beyond Now is also dabbling in monetising 5G and IoT.


Redem offers efficient and quality-optimized data cleaning for surveys, a crucial task in market research and data-driven decision making.


Gleap provides customer feedback tools for apps and websites, helping improve user experience and streamline potential development issues.

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A marketplace for services, Quork, is a central hub that brings service providers and consumers together, thereby fostering a symbiotic ecosystem.


i4SEE Tech specialises in Augmented Intelligence applications for Predictive Maintenance, revolutionising the way repairs and maintenance are carried out.

iLogistics IT Solutions

Offering tailor-made IT solutions for the transport and logistics industry, iLogistics facilitates the modernisation of logistics operations and increases efficiency manifold.


Atmoky specialises in hyper-realistic spatial audio and holistic spatial audio solutions, breathing life into scenes and scenarios virtually and creating an immersive experience for the end-user.

Austria is quickly coming up as a growing hub of software startups and these 15 companies are just a few examples of the dynamic and thriving scene in the country. With their pioneering spirit and innovative solutions, they are paving the way for an exciting future and will certainly be worth watching in the coming years.

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