Who Are Spain’s Leading Artificial Intelligence Innovators in 2023?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been rapidly growing and evolving – a fact that is irrefutable. In numerous domains, this emergent technology has the potential to disrupt the status quo and generate incredible business value. In Spain, AI startups and companies are conquering new heights and effortlessly shaping the AI landscape. This article intends to shine the light on some of these ambitious and extraordinary startups and companies in the Spanish AI ecosystem.

Recognised for their ground-breaking innovations, these businesses are making great strides in niche industries ranging from healthcare and marketing, to gaming and robotics. Their unique combination of AI and ingenious perception towards problem-solving is truly revolutionising their respective industries. Here are 15 compelling AI startups and companies that are leading the AI revolution in Spain:

Quantic Brains Technologies

Quantic Brains Technologies is a pioneer in AI-based creative content generation for the entertainment industry. The company focuses on the production of movies and video games using machine learning. Their cutting-edge technology allows them to create experiences that are refreshingly innovative and captivating.


Positioned in the healthcare sector, Heuristik offers a refined software solution that aids healthcare entities in managing their patients effectively. It leverages the power of AI to provide insightful data and understandable analytics, improving patient care processes significantly.

Woza Labs

Woza Labs is renowned for its Sustainable Innovation Platform, a bold initiative to create AI-led solutions that are sustainable and impactful. It has a proactive approach towards innovating for a greener, healthier planet.

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Slango Task Automation

Slango provides an AI-powered software solution that automates administrative tasks. Built for legal departments, tax advisory, and labour consulting firms, their SaaS platform makes the process of managing tasks significantly more streamlined and effective.


TrendSights is an AI-enabled marketing intelligence platform that empowers marketing and public relations teams. It enables them to leverage data-driven insights and analytics to maximise their return on investment.


Tenormedical is revolutionizing healthcare for patients with multiple sclerosis. By developing unique and automated artificial intelligence tools, they are making strides towards enhancing treatment and care for these patients.


By combining digital cartography and AI, Bettermaps is creating intricate and authentic digital maps. Their precision and attention to detail enable users to obtain accurate location insights.

3d Observer

3d Observer harnesses the power of AI to develop a bird anti-collision system in wind farms. Their technology not only increases the efficiency of these farms but also ensures the protection of avian lives.

Parafrasear Textos

Parafrasear Textos offers a highly versatile online tool that rephrases sentences and paragraphs. Their platform is a testament to how AI can be utilised to enhance written content.

Metamaxis Analytics

At the intersection of AI and advanced analytics, Metamaxis is redefining innovation. Their data-driven tools help businesses glean profound insights and make informed decisions.


Tenslam has created AI-based analytical tools for tennis players. Their platform helps players adapt and learn new strategies based on real-time data and analysis.


Cancerappy has developed a unique platform that employs big data and AI to accelerate research against cancer. Their intuitive tool aids in the search for innovative cancer solutions.

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WagonGO offers a delivery management application powered by AI and SaaS technologies. This tool eases the process for B2B services, enabling efficient delivery and increased productivity.

Oslice Technology

Specialising in AI, robotics, and electronics, Oslice Technology produces automation products that are changing the face of manufacturing. Their innovative solutions lead to increased efficiency and improved production systems.


Video-MOS uses state-of-the-art AI technologies to offer cutting-edge services. As a European firm, they have been a pivotal player in reshaping the AI landscape at an international level.

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