Who Are Spain’s Most Influential Analytics Startups Transforming the Industry?

In Spain, digital innovation is making its mark in the field of data analytics, challenging the status quo and empowering businesses with valuable insights. These startups are helping their clients, both domestic and international, make more intelligent decisions by offering meticulously designed solutions in data analytics, AI, and Big Data. Let’s explore some of these promising startups revolutionizing the data analytics landscape in Spain.

Data analysis, previously considered as the terrain of large global corporations, is now more accessible, thanks to a surge in affordable, yet powerful B2B and B2C solutions in the market. The Spanish analytic startups are leading the pack, disrupting traditional business models and offering smart and automated ideas that are being rapidly embraced by companies of all sizes.

Here is a list of 15 noteworthy startups providing cutting-edge data analytics solutions in Spain. These startups are spinning the data-driven transformation wheel across businesses, helping them make more informed decisions.

xNova International

xNova International is an analytics company that helps businesses consolidate in international markets by providing data-driven insights and means to leverage technology effectively. They make the challenging process of international market establishment more manageable for companies of all sizes.

Qbeast Analytics

Qbeast Analytics is carving out a space in the Big Data analytics market with its speedy and interactive solutions. Their motto, ‘Big Data free from the unnecessary’, aptly captures their mission to simplify complex data issues.

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Mineo is a SaaS Data ops Platform providing a comprehensive solution for data operation requirements. They are facilitating businesses with reliable data for better decision-making.

Inverbis Analytics

Inverbis Analytics is a technology-based company vested in developing innovative solutions through research and development studies. Their formula of combining technology and research is creating robust platforms for diversified industries.


Aqtiva is dedicated to providing businesses with good quality data right from the start. They offer data quality SaaS platform that allows businesses captious control of their data.


BIUWER is a B2B SaaS Business Intelligence and Data Visualization platform that aims to simplify the complicated decision-making processes for businesses. Their unique solutions provide better visibility into data trends, helping businesses leap forward.


FaceDate is adding a unique twist to the dating app scene by integrating analytics into it. By helping users find, connect, and meet compatible people, they are transforming the dynamics of online dating.


Urbix is sculpting the next generation of business data analysis tools and AI algorithms specifically for Real State and Property Managing firms. Their analytics services are vital in guiding investment and management decisions in this sector.


Kulture is a software company that develops SaaS tools, productivity tools, HR software, and data analysis solutions. They are shaping the future of human resource management with their powerful analytical tools.


Datail is working towards the eradication of poor data quality in online marketing and digital analytics tracking systems. They resolve crucial data issues that can impact the efficacy and reach of digital marketing efforts.

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Mio Consulting

Mio Consulting provides services ranging from marketing analysis, commercial audit media campaigns, sales optimization to CRM process services. They have been the go-to source for businesses seeking expert guidance on a range of marketing aspects.


Azierta offers integral collection management, telemarketing, and data analytics services. They provide a complete suite of services for businesses that wish to streamline their operations and maximize productivity.

GA4 Tag Migrator

GA4 Tag Migrator is working towards making Google Analytics tracking more accessible with only four steps. They are all about saving time and future-proofing business’s Google Analytics tracking.


Clamo is adding value to both consumers and companies as intermediators in consumer claims through a unique blend of SaaS and Big Data. They provide an effective way for companies to process and respond to consumer complaints.


Nadira provides services in the fields of analytics, marketing, and software development. They deliver tailor-made solutions to meet the unique needs of each client, enhancing their digital presence and overall business growth.

In conclusion, the StartupBubble.news team is enthralled to witness the vibrant data analytics scene unfold in Spain. As these startups keep pushing the boundaries of innovation, they are not just transforming businesses but also the overall economic landscape of Spain. Regardless of the industry, such startups will facilitate more intelligent decision-making, streamlining operations and encouraging growth in their way.

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