Who Are Spain’s Telecommunications Game Changers in Today’s Start-Up Scene?

The entrepreneurial landscape in Spain is developing at an incredible pace with startups emerging in a multitude of sectors. One niche where Spanish startups are notably thriving is in the domain of Telecommunications. By modernizing traditional services with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, these startups are breaking new ground. Here are 15 trailblazing Telecommunications startups and companies shaping Spain’s digital future.

AXESS Networks

AXESS Networks is a key player in the sphere of global infrastructure, providing assets, and long-term expertise to support satellite-based communication networks. Redefining connectivity with their advanced technology and experience, this Telecommunications startup is making a mark in Spain and beyond.


Ringover has transformed business communication. Offering a consolidated voice, video, chat, and call center communication solution, it fosters streamlined and effective communication in business settings.


Linking businesses to seamless communication, advice, consulting, and robust management services, Gelpiu is truly revolutionizing the telecommunications realm.


Ficecomm is on the forefront of 5G technology, undertaking pioneering research and development to usher in the age of next-gen connectivity.


Comunica lays down a new paradigm in telecommunication services with its cutting-edge solutions in cloud connections, IoT, and mobile lines.


Alvatross is a cloud-based digital platform that accelerates digital service delivery through comprehensive understanding of CSP’s systems and networks.

Movil Simple

Movil Simple stands out with their SaaS platform to connect businesses with users, further enhancing engagement and efficiency.

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Tormesh aims at leading the energy revolution by blending cutting-edge communication technology, thus contributing in a unique manner to the telecommunications domain.


Virtux is a digital law firm that uses technology to extend faster and efficient legal services to startups.

Gatchan Telecom

Gatchan Telecom is a leading telecommunications service provider, marking its prominent presence in Spain’s digital landscape.


Avanz@ serves the dual role of a telecommunications service provider and electronic waste manager, embracing sustainable practices into their core operations.


Novafarma leads the telecommunication industry with their innovative provision of clinical telepharmacy services.


Madprint offers comprehensive printing, video conferencing, web design solutions, and expense management software to businesses.


Spain works towards providing superior mobile telecommunications network services, ensuring reliable and high-speed connections.

Arvitelco Tecnológica

Arvitelco Tecnológica is a one-stop-shop for sales, installations, and technical support for telecommunications, sound, and lighting equipment.

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