Who are the Most Transformative US MIS Startups in 2023?

The startup scene is a hotbed for innovation, attracting a sled load of potential investors and first-time entrepreneurs oozing with game-changing ideas. Among these startup ventures, the ones breaching the Management Information Systems industry have particularly caught our attention. In this article, we will traverse through the landscape of 15 U.S.-based startups that have carved out a niche for themselves in this ever-evolving industry.

Management Information Systems (MIS) are integral to all modern businesses, helping with the management of information and computer resources. By using software, hardware, and networks, MIS helps organizations strategize, control, coordinate, and make decisions that align with their core business objectives. Let’s delve deeper into the world of these startups, from revolutionary healthtech to ground-breaking fintech, and everything in between.

We hope this collection of startups inspires you and provides insights into the future of managing business information. Let’s get started!

Janus Health

Janus Health aims to overshadow present low-code or no-code solutions by crafting a vertically integrated process improvement platform. Operating in the U.S., they bring innovation to the realm of Management Information Systems.


Bluetail offers a unique solution for aircraft owners and teams, enabling them to manage, store, and privately share all their aircraft documents, records, and data.


Torticity presents technologically advanced outsourced services for the legal industry, earning them a place in the MIS landscape.

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Kyros has developed an exceptional sobriety management platform that provides access to resources, provider care, and peer support.


MyMeta is a digital adoption platform known for streamlining digital procedures in the workplace and enhancing employees’ productivity.

ZIZO Technologies Inc.

ZIZO Technologies Inc. contributes to the Management Information Systems industry through their impressive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering.

Scarlet Connect

Scarlet Connect provides web-based guest reputation management solutions conducive to efficient hotel sales and operations.

Atlas Solutions

Atlas Solutions offers an industry-agnostic platform for comprehensive management of grant and contract funding.


Known for their groundbreaking SaaS solution, MUA empowers teams’ resilience and adaptability through mindfulness.

ThoughtFlow Technologies

ThoughtFlow Technologies specializes in software offering product planning, mind maps, spreadsheets, and product management tools.

Healthy Together

Healthy Together is enabling the future of health, contributing significantly to the MIS industry.


ReCap employs artificial intelligence to analyze spending patterns and formulate solutions to cut costs.

Concord Materials

Concord Materials offers an integrated material management platform for aggregate providers and ready-mix operators.


Parq supplies organizations with vendor relationship management software that facilitates business operations effectively.


HealthQuarters gives health systems, wellness providers, and brands the ability to reach new patients and consumers, further converging the healthcare and MIS industries.

We hope this overview provides valuable insights into the fascinating domain of Management Information Systems startups. Let’s continue to keep a keen eye on these startups, as they lead our journey into tomorrow’s technological realm, one innovation at a time.

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