Who are the Top Influential Software Startups in Minas Gerais?

One of the key regions for technological innovation and entrepreneurship in Brazil is Minas Gerais. This landlocked state is home to a bustling and vibrant startup scene with focus on software development and digital solutions. From agtech firms developing groundbreaking solutions for agribusiness to companies creating novel platforms for content distribution, the innovation in this area is truly commendable. In this article, we will take a closer look at 15 notable software startups in Minas Gerais.

These businesses are not just innovating in their respective fields, they are also pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with software. They’re creating state-of-the-art platforms and leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), No-Code development and real-time analytics. These startups serve a broad range of sectors including agriculture, content creation, e-commerce, environmental management, research and more.

As we explore these startups, we’ll share a bit about what each one does, their key features, and the industries they serve. Note that these companies are listed in no particular order. They all stand out in their unique way and are making significant contributions to the technology landscape in Minas Gerais.


Coodesh is a platform dedicated to helping developers explore their potential and land their dream jobs. The startup assists in pre-vetting potential developers, ensuring that only the best are matched with suitable job opportunities.


Specializing in agtech, A2W offers cutting-edge solutions for agribusinesses. They are pioneering ways to make the agriculture industry more efficient and sustainable with their software solutions.

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ChatPay is an innovative platform allowing content creators to monetize their content within WhatsApp and Telegram groups. This unique approach helps talented individuals to easily generate income with minimal setup.


With Raczum, users can watch videos and simultaneously identify and wishlist products appearing in those videos. This startup is transforming how we engage with video content and how brands can monetize their visibility.

Raptor Air

Raptor Air is an IoT-focused startup. While they provide few details regarding their specific product or service, their commitment to the emerging field of IoT highlights the technological versatility Minas Gerais has to offer.


Fluna is a No-Code Platform designed to accelerate the software development process. The platform makes it easy to create robust applications without writing a single line of code, dramatically speeding up project timelines.


Interactive kitchen assistant YuuChef helps homeowners streamline their kitchen processes. By answering a series of questions, users can generate their own pantry’s menu and shopping list.


Onegreen is a specialized software for managing environmental licensing processes, conditions, and tasks. It aims to simplify and streamline environmental programs, contributing to sustainability efforts.

Concert Cloud

Concert Cloud is an IoT platform that aids businesses in making data-driven decisions and monetizing their data. This startup helps enterprises unlock the potential of their data, driving value and growth.


Specializing in health technology and SaaS, Predict.info offers a platform for online, real-time customer service. Their focus is on streamlining the customer service experience in the healthcare industry.


FabNS offers a range of scientific instrumentation services, as well as software for research and industrial applications at the nanoscale. This startup is driving advancements in the fields of nanotechnology and material science.

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Cresce Vendas

Cresce Vendas provides an innovative business management solution helping businesses stay organized, transparent and efficient in their operations.

Aiplates Technologies

With their proprietary AI, Aiplates Technologies transforms any conventional surveillance camera into a vehicle recognition identification camera. This unique offering has potential impacts in security, law enforcement and transportation sectors.


Hoye is a digital metaverse platform dedicated to the engagement, interaction, and distribution of content. The future-focused startup is pushing the boundaries of immersive digital experiences.

Jurify Tecnologia

Jurify Tecnologia is a legal tech startup that aims to improve law firm operations. They offer software solutions that guarantee organization, transparency, efficiency, and control for their clients.

Each of these startups represents the future of the tech industry in Minas Gerais, pushing boundaries and creating innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses and consumers. We look forward to seeing these companies grow and thrive in the coming years.

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