Which E-Commerce Startups are Shaping Al Qahirah’s Economic Landscape in 2023?

Amid a thriving hub of youthful innovation and entrepreneurial endeavors, Al Qahirah, Egypt has seen a definitive rise in a flourishing e-commerce ecosystem. This cultural and technological paradise has paved the way for numerous startups seeking to revolutionize the e-commerce industry in unique ways. The following is an overview of 15 interesting e-commerce companies based in Al Qahirah, presenting new and transformative business models and ideas.

From social e-commerce platforms to sustainability-focused fashion outlets, these startups are undoubtedly reshaping the future of online business and consumer behavior. They are leveraging technology to address demands and solve issues in areas such as logistics, delivery, automotive, pharmaceutical, and groceries. Moreover, their fast growth suggests a promising outlook for both the local and regional e-commerce sectors.

Expect the glimmer of the Nile to be outshone by the innovative sparkle of these disruptive companies. Buckle up and delve into the heart of Al Qahirah’s hottest e-commerce startups:


A social e-commerce platform at its core, Taager is a game-changer for online merchants, providing end-to-end logistics support. Their innovation and practicality have established them as a beloved local favorite in the industry.


Flextock’s unique selling proposition lies in their on-demand warehousing and logistics platform. They help businesses scale their operations efficiently, proving themselves a useful tool for businesses of all sizes.

Yalla Fel Sekka

Egypt’s only efficient instant delivery company, Yalla Fel Sekka, garnered much attention for its reliable and affordable services within the urban communities of Egypt.

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For automotive enthusiasts, Sylndr presents an e-commerce marketplace with a unique focus on used cars, bringing much-needed innovation to this distinctive market segment.


Grinta, a pharmaceutical supply chain using AI and ML, empowers local pharmacies and revolutionizes the pharmaceutical retail landscape with its advanced technology.


As an integrated e-commerce last-mile delivery and fulfillment company, Mylerz is catering to a crucial aspect of the e-commerce process, ensuring that products reach their customers smoothly and promptly.


Appetito’s online delivery startup is revolutionizing the grocery and household products sector. They deliver these products using dark stores, setting them apart in a saturated market.


Sharwa, a social E-commerce Platform, has effectively managed to integrate social elements within the e-commerce framework, creating an immersive shopping experience for consumers.


ShipBlu is a platform that has reinvented the e-commerce shipping and fulfillment experience, offering 24-hour delivery with live tracking. Customers can now follow their orders every step of the way to their front door.

The Fashion Kingdom

TFK is an e-commerce fashion platform that emphasizes value for money, a unique shopping experience, and sustainable brands – a unique proposition in the fashion industry.


Kenzz has managed to bring shopping to the mass market in Egypt and MENA through its engaging e-commerce platform. Their business strategy has proven effective in attracting a considerable clientele.


VOO is a courier management platform empowering e-commerce businesses in the MENA region. Their end-to-end service ensures seamless delivery operations for e-commerce companies.


As an online marketplace, etmana is fast becoming a popular choice for consumers. The startup prides itself on turning wishes into reality for countless customers.

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Talabeyah, a Cairo-based startup, operates a food and grocery B2B e-commerce and distribution platform. Emphasizing convenience and efficiency, the platform has gained significant traction within the B2B space.


Marking the epitome of online marketplaces, Exits.me, allows individuals and business owners to buy and sell websites, apps, and traditional businesses online. This unique concept has revolutionized the business buy-and-sell landscape.

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