Which are The Influential FinTech Startups Shaping Al Qahirah’s Financial Landscape?

Al Qahirah, better known to many of us as Cairo, has become a hotspot for FinTech innovation in recent years. The city has witnessed a surge of startups that leverage technology to revolutionize the financial sector, catering to the unique needs of Egypt’s evolving economy. These companies are redefining the ways in which people and businesses handle their money, providing solutions that are accessible, efficient, and inclusive. Let’s take a closer look at some of these fascinating enterprises.

The following FinTech companies are not just pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in finance; they’re reimagining how business is done. These startups are driving financial inclusion, disrupting traditional modes of banking, insurance, and offering innovative solutions for digital transactions and investments.

As the FinTech scene in Al Qahirah burgeons, here are 15 intriguing startups that are at the forefront of this exciting movement.


Khazna is a financial super app offering easy-to-use, tech-driven financial services to Egypt’s underserved consumers and micro-businesses.


Recognized as MENA’s first revenue-based financing solution for e-commerce and SaaS businesses, FlapKap is setting new standards in the financial industry.


Dayra stands out by empowering other companies to offer financial services to their unbanked gig workers and customers.


As the leading insurtech startup in Egypt, Amanleek strives to simplify insurance, making it accessible and hassle-free for customers in the MENA region.


Capiter is a B2B marketplace providing a payment method that offers cash flow solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.

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Agel is Egypt’s first Islamic FinTech, offering alternative financing solutions that cater to micro, small, and medium enterprises.


Telda has made sending, spending, and saving money faster and easier than ever before.


patron. is carving a niche for itself in the FinTech arena with its unique solutions.


Bringy simplifies insurance processes for customers, enabling them to get and claim insurance services in minutes.


Edupay is a fintech platform that offers users financing and lending products mainly for education-based expenses.


Control multiple bank accounts in real time with one view through Deben.

Bona Invest

Bona Invest is introducing a Neo-Brokerage platform for Gen Zs across Africa.


Making co-ownership of investment properties accessible, COOWNED.IO offers a remarkable service for finding and purchasing shares in an investment property.


Fintold. is an online marketplace that connects non-banking financial institutions, banks, and businesses to digitally transform their business.


Balad is a financial technology firm offering prepaid card solutions to the underbanked relatives of Egyptian migrants living overseas.

In conclusion, FinTech in Al Qahirah is gaining traction by providing innovative solutions to reach the underserved and meet the evolving needs of consumers and businesses. The companies featured above reveal the enormous potential and diversity within Egypt’s growing FinTech landscape – a testament to this vibrant city’s thriving entrepreneurial spirit.

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