Who are Transforming US Industries Through Influential Analytics Startups in 2023?

Welcome to our latest article where we are showcasing some of the most exciting analytics companies emerging in the United States. Analytics is a rapidly developing industry, with startups looking to capitalize on the explosion of big data and our ever-growing ability to interpret and utilize this information. The companies featured here cover a wide range of sectors – from healthcare to transportation – but each is using analytics in innovative and impactful ways to drive their respective industries forward. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to fifteen of these exciting companies.

Intus Care

Intus Care offers a healthcare analytics platform set out to boost care levels while bringing down patient hospitalizations. Evidently, it strongly believes in the power of big data to improve health outcomes and streamline health services. Visit their website, Intus Care to understand how its putting its beliefs into action.

The Culture Think Tank

At The Culture Think Tank, data isn’t just about numbers. It’s about people. By harnessing behavioral intelligence, they create solutions leaders can use to craft high-octane company cultures. Click here to learn more.

Tremor Testing and Data Analytics

Tremor Testing and Data Analytics turns the spotlight on the health industry, deploying its unique combination of detection, analysis, and data storage to advance clinical and surgical applications. Check out their website for more details.

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Analytics plays a crucial role in most industries, and trucking is no exception. Bluewire is focused on analysing and deploying data to defend this crucial industry. Visit their site to gather more insight.

Diana AI

Diana AI modernizes data analytics with its voice-enabled platform, presenting yet another creative use of technology. Head over to their website to know more.


On its way to transform the business landscape, Coveritas deploys its well-built platform for market intelligence and analysis. Visit Coveritas to learn more about their innovative approach.

Driver’s Seat Cooperative

Driver’s Seat Cooperative goes many steps ahead with its ‘people-powered rideshare analytics’. Visit their website to find out more.


Sundial enables teams to weave stories out of their product’s data – a noble mission for every data-driven enterprise. Browse their website for more insights.

RevOps Health

RevOps Health is revolutionizing the sector by delivering revenue intelligence solutions that borrow technology from various industries to further optimize operations. You can explore this interesting intersect at their website.

Flats or Spikes

As a crowdsensing data collection and predictive analytics company, Flats or Spikes is from the same ilk that believes in the power of collective intelligence. Visit here to know more.


The development stage company, Building4Health, is pushing boundaries by assessing the impact of the indoor environment on occupant health. You can follow their journey on their website.


SwiftSku developed management and analytics software for convenience stores, catering to a niche but vital sector. Visit their website to find out more.


Glossifi blends software products and services in a unique way. You can explore their offerings at Glossifi.

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Savant Labs

Savant Labs, with their analytics automation platform, looks to make life easier for analysts and operations teams. Visit Savant Labs to understand more about their valuable work.

Dragonfruit AI

To wrap up our list, we have Dragonfruit AI, a creative organization developing an enterprise video AI platform, providing video analytics at scale. Visit their website to dive deeper.

These select few are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the innovative and impactful use of analytics by startups in the US. Each of these startups is transforming their respective industries by harnessing the power of big data. As the industry continues to evolve, we look forward to featuring even more incredible startups making strides in analytics.

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