Which US AgTech Startups are Redefining the Future of Farming?

The world of AgTech in the United States is filled with companies innovating and disrupting traditional farming approaches to pesticide use, carbon sequestration, cattle management, and more. These startups offer a fascinating glimpse into how technology is transforming the agricultural industry, combining good farming practices with advanced technology to yield superior results and improve sustainability.

In this article, we introduce you to 15 exciting AgTech startups from the United States, showcasing the enormous potential these companies possess in changing the future landscape of agriculture. Their diverse and groundbreaking solutions tackle some of the biggest challenges faced in agriculture and propose real, viable solutions.

From carbon sequestration companies helping combat climate change to biotech firms revolutionizing grain management, these startups are spearheading a new age in agriculture. We will explore each of these companies’ mission, industry, and what makes them unique.

Liberation Labs

Liberation Labs is a biotech company that is developing an industrial biotechnology system specifically for the agriculture sector. Their work could significantly increase efficiency in farming, leading to more sustainable practices.

Lithos Carbon

Lithos Carbon specialises in carbon removal techniques for farms. Their carbon capture technology represents an innovative solution to reducing the carbon footprint of agriculture.

Yard Stick PBC

Yard Stick has one primary goal – to enable carbon removal from soil at a large scale. By applying their advanced technology, they are contributing to an age of more sustainable agriculture.

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Haber Technologies

Haber Technologies is pioneering improvements in grain drying and management, with a focus on integrated hardware and automation solutions. Their work could revolutionize grain storage and reduce wastage.


Terraformation aims to provide solutions to counteract climate change. They believe in greener practices for agriculture and their work aims to make this vision a reality.

Aqua Cultured Foods

AquaCultured Foods has developed a novel technology that creates alternative seafood options using microbial fermentation. This could drastically change the way seafood is farmed and consumed.

Open Book Extracts

As an integrated grower, processor, and manufacturer of premium plant-based products, Open Book Extracts is taking plant farming to a whole new level with their innovative practices.

Solar Biotech, Inc.

Solar Biotech, Inc. specialises in precision fermentation and provide technological partnership in the AgTech industry. They are mastering the science of fermentation for superior farming outputs.


Traction offers farm management software that can significantly reduce farm data entry, allowing farmers to streamline their operations and increase efficiency.

Solis Agrosciences

Solis Agrosciences provides R&D crop development services to Agtech companies, pioneering advanced agricultural research and development.

Tiamat Sciences

Tiamat Sciences work with plant-based growth factors and proteins for cell-culture, leading the way in plant-based solutions for farming.


BarnTools aims to connect and collect data from livestock and poultry farms worldwide. Their mission to connect farming practices can lead to positive changes in animal farming.

CODA Farm Technologies

CODA Farm Technologies provides a mobile irrigation platform that could drastically reduce waste while preserving crops on farms.

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GW Nutrition

While GW Nutrition does not have a website, their work, focused on developing technology to improve food ingredients where the sensory properties limit the market opportunity, holds significant potential for the food industry.

Soiltech Wireless

Soiltech Wireless develops products that enhance crop production. They provide actionable data for farmers through wireless monitoring and advanced analytic platforms.

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