Will Strategic Communications Consultancy Revolutionise Russia’s Public Relations Industry?

Peter Necarsulmer, Maria Shagina

  • PBN Holdings is a strategic communications consultancy focusing on Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries.
  • The startup offers groundbreaking methods of consultancy, bringing innovative paradigms to the PR industry
  • With a team of 115 across various offices, PBN serves major multinational companies and top regional businesses.
  • The future of PBN and Russia’s PR industry are promising, with an inevitable shift towards more advanced and strategic communication methodologies.

Strategic communication consultancy has been instrumental in changing the way businesses interact globally. PBN Holdings, an international integrated strategic communications consultancy is one such startup based in Moscow that specializes in Russia, Ukraine, and other CIS countries. Founded in 1983, the firm caters to many multinationals and regional businesses.

Amidst an increasingly competitive global business landscape, the effectiveness of company messaging plays a vital role. PBN Holdings could potentially revolutionise Russia’s public relations industry. It is a firm that understands the national and regional nuances of doing business in these countries, which often challenges western businesses due to the culture and business ethic differences.

PBN Holdings differentiates itself by its strategic approach to public relations. It integrates traditional PR techniques with digital strategies, providing comprehensive communication services that extend far beyond traditional PR scope. The startup benefits from its physical presence in key global cities such as Washington DC, London, and Moscow, enabling in-person consulting and a deep understanding of these diverse markets.

Furthermore, their impressive clientele which includes major multinational powerhouses such as BP, Xerox, and Motorola, as well as top regional businesses like Sberbank and UkrEximbank is a shining testament to PBN’s efficacy and market reach. Their service provides much-needed strategic insight into the intricacies of the local and regional market workings.

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Considering the rapidly evolving digital age and the growing necessity for businesses to maintain positive public relations, startups like PBN Holdings are pioneering a revolution in the PR industry. PBN is ahead of the curve and holds strong potential for growth in this realm. As for the future of the PR industry in Russia, the migration towards more advanced, nuanced, and strategic methods of public relations appears inevitable and PBN Holdings is leading that charge.

Discover the future of strategic communication consultancy and its impact on Russia’s PR industry. Connect with PBN Holdings on their website, LinkedIn, and stay updated as they guide leading businesses in navigating the Russian and CIS markets.

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