Bridging Gender Gap in Fintech: Will Canada Lead the Global Market?

Key Takeaways:

  • The 51 Ventures is a financial feminist platform that aims to bridge the gender gap in Fintech.
  • By leveraging untapped female wealth, the startup is creating a crucial mass of female investors and making Canada the center for female-powered capital.
  • Though women founded or co-founded 30% of Alberta’s tech startups, globally, female-founded startups receive only 3% of venture capital; this is an imbalance The 51 aims to correct.

Canada appears poised to lead the global market through the efforts of innovative startups like The 51 Ventures. This startup, based in Alberta, Canada, is a trailblazer in the finance, fintech, and venture capital spaces. It strategically melds its financial savvy with a passion for social justice, focusing specifically on bridging the gender gap in these industries. To achieve its goal, the company aims to leverage Canada’s untapped wealth – notably its female wealth – to create a critical mass of female investors.

The51 presents itself as a financial feminist platform committed to building mutual wealth and fostering social and environmental impact. Their global vision goes beyond their native land, to support and bolster female investors and female-founded startups worldwide. Given that only 3% of venture capital is traditionally given to female-founded startups globally, The 51 seeks to change the narrative and provide more opportunities for these underserved populations.

What differentiates The 51 Ventures is its innovative and much-needed approach to harnessing Canada’s untapped female wealth. They are creating new opportunities for women as investors, and in turn, pioneering a transformed landscape for female-founded startups. By positioning itself at the forefront of advocating for equal financial development opportunities for women, this startup is progressively altering the commonly male-centric fintech industry.

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Moreover, being female-founded itself (by Alice Reimer, Judy Fairburn, Shelley Kuipers) gives The51 a unique perspective into the challenges that other female-founded startups face. This perspective, combined with the desire to create equity, fuels and informs their approach to venture capital, financial services, and fintech. By building a community around shared financial goals and equality, The51 personifies financial feminism in practice.

Given its innovative approach and commitment to bridging the gender gap, The 51 Ventures holds great potential for the future. Their mission to create a new mass of female investors could set Canada as a global leader in female-powered capital and widen opportunities for female-founded startups. Moreover, the strides The51 is making towards creating gender parity could significantly shift the fintech industry on a global scale, resulting in a more inclusive and equitable field.

Actualizing this vision will require continued awareness and support. More about The 51 Ventures and they work they do to advance financial feminism can be found on their website, and you can connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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