Can Blockchain Technology Revolutionise Crowdfunding for Small to Medium Enterprises?


Key Takeaways:

  • Tozex revolutionizes crowdfunding for SMEs using Blockchain technology.
  • Combats the issue of non-reliable public information and complex share transferability mechanisms that don’t attract investors because of the illiquid nature of SMEs’ stocks.
  • Manage the entire token life cycle within one unique automated and fully regulated platform.
  • No special skills required and cost-efficient.


Tozex, a startup located in Clichy, Ile-de-France, France, is set to revolutionize the financial exchange industry by providing the ultimate solution for crowdfunding using Blockchain Technology. Understanding the detrimental funding shortfall experienced by small to medium enterprises (SMEs), Tozex has tapped into this niche offering an innovative platform to address this issue comprehensively.

SMEs play an integral role in the economy, yet they suffer greatly from the illiquid nature of their stocks due to a mix of non-reliable public information and complex share transferability mechanisms. Tozex aims to change this status quo by using blockchain technology to provide liquidity of stocks which in turn attracts investors.

Differential Analysis:

Tozex differentiates itself by being the first of its kind offering a blockchain crowdfunding platform solely for SMEs. The platform allows for the management of the entire token life cycle, from primary to secondary market, in an automated and fully regulated environment. This not only offers a new, powerful way for SMEs to raise funds but also fills a void left by traditional and currently scattered, costly, and opaque crowdfunding methods.

Furthermore, no specific skills are needed to utilise the Tozex fundraising platform. This makes it incredibly accessible for SMEs who may not have the capability or resources to understand or navigate blockchain technology. Coupled with its cost-effectiveness, Tozex offers a unique value proposition that is unmatched in the crowdfunding industry.

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Without a doubt, Tozex, through its unique blockchain-based crowdfunding platform, is poised to shape the future of the financial exchange industry, particularly for SMEs. As the demand for transparent and seamless fundraising methods grows, so will Tozex’s influence and market share. Furthermore, the ubiquitous nature of blockchain technology and its potential to disrupt numerous industries paves the way for Tozex to transcend its boundaries and truly revolutionize crowdfunding.

For more information about Tozex, visit their website, or follow them on Twitter. The founders, Christophe and Rémy Ozcan, can be reached via LinkedIn.


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