Can Agile Scrum Based Web Development Accelerate Your Startup’s Success?

Key Takeaways

  • Momentup is a software development company that uses SCRUM based Agile Approach for sustainable and quality coding.
  • They specialize in custom web development services, native mobile apps for IOS & Android, robust API development, UI/UX designs, among others.
  • They prioritize communication and perfect customer relations in all their operations.
  • This startup could symbolize the future of the IT industry, offering efficiency and agility in project implementation.


Emerging at the forefront of the web development industry is Momentup, a software development company based in Istanbul, Turkey. As their name might suggest, Momentup is all about seizing the moment and using it to propel businesses forward. They are trusted by a wide and diverse spectrum of companies across industries, specializing in providing custom technology solutions in 100% accordance with SCRUM frameworks & methodologies.

This robust approach concentrated on sustainable development, communication, world-class code quality, and ethics proves that Agile software development is not only possible but highly profitable. But how exactly does Momentup make use of the Agile Scrum framework, and can this approach truly accelerate a startup’s success? Let’s take a closer look.


What sets Momentup apart is their commitment to the SCRUM based Agile Approach. While many companies claim to implement Agile, Momentup is one of the few that strictly adheres to all Agile SCRUM rituals, promising no compromises on code quality or delays in project delivery. This guarantees efficiency in their work, enabling them to deliver world-class software solutions.

Their wide range of services, including custom web development services, native mobile apps for both IOS & Android, robust API development, and UI/UX design, is also a testament to their wide-ranging capabilities. Their focus on transparency, ethics, and trust reassures clients of their commitment not just to delivering solutions, but upholding client satisfaction.

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With the future of web development gravitating towards Agile approaches, Momentup stands at the brim of significant success. As more and more companies recognize the benefits of Agile Scrum web development for fast, efficient, and sustainable solutions, the demand for services offered by Momentup is set to rise.

Find out more about Momentup and their revolutionary approach to web development on their website, or connect with them on LinkedIn.

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Explore the bubble  Who Are The Pioneers Shaping Nigeria's Web Design Startup Landscape?

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