Can Digital Collectibles Revolutionise Fan Engagement in the Entertainment Industry?

Key Takeaways:
  • Fanaply is leveraging digital collectibles to revolutionize fan engagement.
  • This startup has partnered with notable bodies like Coachella, NHL, American Express, and more.
  • They create free and paid digital collectibles and reward fans for their loyalty.
  • Fanaply was one of the 10 companies accepted by the world-class Techstars Music Program in 2020.
  • Digital collectibles could very well be the future of fan engagement in the entertainment industry.

Ever wanted a more engaging way to connect with your favorite shows, musicians, or sports teams? Fanaply, a New York-based startup, has concocted unique, engaging tools using digital collectibles. They provide fans an exciting way to show-off and be rewarded for their unwavering support, thus promising change in the dynamics of fan engagement in music, sports, and entertainment.

Pinning digital collectibles to behaviors reward the zeal of fans both online and in the real world. Fanaply not only offers fans free collectibles based on their actions but also has partnered with athletes and celebrities to sell official collectibles. The aim is to organize, engage, reward, and monetize communities.

If you’re wondering what sets Fanaply apart from other startups, it’s their use of the digital collectible trend fused with fanatic communities. This startup was one of 10 to be accepted into the prestigious Techstars Music Program in 2020, which picked off their journey to success. Fanaply’s collectibles, similar to virtual goods in video games, can be bundled with physical items as a status symbol.

To keep up with the ever-evolving entertainment industry, Fanaply licenses its white-label, API, and SDK technology to festivals, teams, and conferences. The result is a bridge between fans and their favorite passions, stretching from Coachella’s Official Digital Collectibles Partner where they gamified the festival to NHL’s first-ever launch with New Jersey Devils, American Express’s unique rollout, MMA’s partnership with PFL, and ProRodeo Association’s exclusive collectibles. This approach is what gives Fanaply a competitive edge.

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The exceptional achievements of Fanaply hint towards an exciting future for digital collectibles in the entertainment industry. With their unique approach to fan engagement, it could lead to a revolution where digital collectibles become status symbols, rewards, and tokens of loyalty. Fanaply, founded by Edward Vetri, Grant Dexter, and Mike Rosenthal in 2019, is certainly at the forefront of this potential revolution.

Visit Fanaply on their website, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for more information and to stay updated with their latest developments.

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