Exploring Innovative Software Companies Redefining Oslo’s Tech Landscape

Discovering Game-Changing Software Ventures in Norway's Capital


Oslo, the vibrant capital of Norway, is not only known for its stunning fjords and rich history but also for its thriving tech ecosystem. In this digital era, software companies have taken center stage, driving innovation and transforming various industries. From futuristic meeting solutions to cutting-edge energy technologies, Oslo’s software startups are leaving a remarkable impact on the global tech scene. In this article, we delve into 15 interesting software companies that are shaping the future of Oslo’s startup bubble.


Shepherd is a B2B SaaS solution that enhances productivity and streamlines meetings, propelling the way we collaborate and work. By reducing friction during meetings, Shepherd paves the way for more efficient and focused interactions.


Relynk provides the One API to unlock the power of real-time data in buildings. This platform empowers property owners and managers with valuable insights, optimizing operations and creating smarter spaces.


Scalando offers the ultimate Channel & Sales Scale Platform, empowering businesses to expand and grow exponentially. With Scalando’s solutions, companies can effectively reach new markets and customers.


Storeshop’s B2B online store facilitates seamless transactions between businesses, revolutionizing product sales, marketing, and distribution. This platform simplifies the process, connecting enterprises with ease.


QiSpace introduces a next-generation visualization solution for property developers, offering virtual viewings of unbuilt units. This groundbreaking technology enhances the buying experience for potential customers.

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Breyta provides a powerful workspace for modern GTM (Go-to-Market) teams to accelerate revenue across the entire customer lifecycle. This collaborative platform boosts efficiency and effectiveness.


Sparkel is a collaborative web platform designed for data-driven construction companies. By fostering teamwork and data utilization, Sparkel drives progress in the construction industry.


Geniess plays a vital role in enabling clean electrification by accelerating the adoption of distributed energy storage solutions. Their energy-tech innovations contribute to a sustainable future.

The Human Touch Robotics:

The Human Touch Robotics is at the forefront of robotics and automation, revolutionizing various industries with cutting-edge technologies and solutions.


D-Fetch offers IoT as a Service, providing businesses with a comprehensive and accessible solution to integrate Internet of Things capabilities into their operations.


Travelin.ai’s innovative platform redefines corporate travel management, simplifying processes and enhancing the overall travel experience for businesses and employees.


Foody powers getfood.no, a comprehensive tool that empowers restaurants to build professional profiles with a take-away webshop and dine-in ordersystem, catering to the modern dining demands.


Micurai offers cloud-based automated client onboarding solutions, transforming the efficiency and effectiveness of law firms’ operations.


Tana is a visionary software development company focused on reinventing how humans, teams, and computers collaborate, leading to enhanced productivity and creativity.


Sentry.co provides a secure password manager that synchronizes passwords offline, ensuring utmost privacy and data protection for its users.


Oslo’s software startup ecosystem continues to thrive, driven by these 15 exceptional companies and their groundbreaking innovations. From reshaping work dynamics to revolutionizing industries with AI, IoT, and automation, these companies are setting new standards for the tech world. As they continue to grow and evolve, they are leaving a significant mark on Oslo’s startup bubble, making it a hotbed for software innovation and entrepreneurship.

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